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  • Talma Gotteiner

Foods and Recipes for Shavuot 2020

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you foods and recipes that have been especially issued for Shavuot.

The new foods and recipes described in this article include:

  • Crushed Fresh Herbs by 'Tvuot'

  • Classic Basil Pesto by 'Neptune'

  • Flax Crackers by "Bikkurim Food and Pastry"

Crushed Fresh Herbs by 'Tvuot' The 'Tvuot' Company that specializes in organic and natural food products, has launched a new organic selection of fresh and crushed herbs: ginger, garlic and chili pepper.

The new series is made from organic crops and is free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The series comes in hard plastic transparent containers, with a wide screw-on cap, for ease of use. Before opening, the herbs can be stored in a cool, dry place. After opening, the herbs should be stored in the refrigerator and used within two months.

The crushed herbs series contains three new products:

  • Organic crushed ginger (yellow lid)

  • Organic crushed garlic (purple lid)

  • Organic crushed chili pepper (red lid)

PRICE: 15.90 NIS per 185g jar.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve with the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and under the supervision of Beit Yosef.

Foods and Recipes for Shavuot 2020
Crushed Fresh Herbs by 'Tvuot'. Credit: Eyal Keren

Classic Basil Pesto by 'Neptune' The 'Neptune' company (1980) that specializes in the development, production and marketing of spices, seasonings, spreads and sauces, is offering a "Classic Basil Pesto" spread for making delicious Italian-Mediterranean dishes such as their addictive hedgehog bread and pasta. Refer to their recipes below.

The spread is also good for seasoning fish, chicken, meat, sandwiches, potatoes, gnocchi, soup and more.

The spread contains, among other things: basil, cashew, olive oil, canola oil and spices, and is free of monosodium glutamate, food coloring or preservatives.

PRICE: 9.90-12.90 NIS per 180g package.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Beersheba and Badatz Beit Yosef.

Foods and Recipes for Shavuot 2020
Classic Basil Pesto by 'Neptune'. Credit: Eyal Keren

Hedgehog Bread with Cheese, Olive Oil and Pesto


  • 1 round loaf of quality bread (rustic, white or light) Neptune's "Classic Basil Pesto" spread

  • 1/2 cup virgin olive oil

  • 300g mozzarella cheese (or grated yellow cheese)

  • A handful of cherry tomatoes thinly sliced


  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Cover a tray with baking paper. Place a large rectangle of aluminum foil over the paper (enough to wrap the bread)

  • Cut the bread in criss-cross strips till 1 cm before the end, so that elongated "squares" are created with about 2x2 cm dimensions.

  • Mix the oil with about half a jar of pesto (if you prefer a more dominant flavor, add more of the spread).

  • Place the bread on the aluminum foil. Sprinkle the oil and pesto mixture generously throughout the bread slits (do not spare oil as it is necessary to achieve crispiness).

  • Insert cheese and tomatoes into the criss-cross slits. Wrap the bread in aluminum foil and bake for about 10 minutes.

  • Remove from the oven, fully open the foil and bake for another 10 minutes - until the bread is golden and crunchy.

  • Serve in a suitable dish and break bread!

Another option is to make personal round buns instead of a large loaf.

Fettuccine with Creamy Pesto and Cheese Sauce


  • 500g of Fettuccine

  • 50g of butter

  • 1 fresh cream container 38% fat

  • 200g of grated yellow cheese

  • Neptune's "Classic Basil Pesto" spread round


  • Prepare the fettuccine according to the instructions and keep warm.

  • Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the cream and half of the pesto container, and mix. Add the cheese, too, and stir. For those who like a more pesto flavor, feel free to add more pesto to the sauce.

  • Place the fettuccine in a serving bowl and add the sauce.

  • Serve immediately.

Flax Crackers by "Bikkurim Food and Pastry" Now that you can finally meet your family and friends, Bikkurim Food & Pastry, that specializes in the production of healthy breads and baked goods, is suggesting to enjoy a selection of their quality crispy crackers that can be served with the delicious cheeses that characterize the holiday.

The crackers are crisp and rich in nutritional values. They contain only 1 gram of carbohydrate per cracker and are offered in 3 great flavors - garlic, hyssop and natural flavor. The crackers have no preservatives, genetically modified components, animal components or added sugar.

You can either serve the crunchy crackers as pre-spread open sandwiches on beautiful eye-catching platters or leave them unspread and serve them on beautiful dishes alongside the cheeses, spreads and vegetables so that every guest can choose whatever he/she likes.

Ideas for open-sandwiches:

  • Crackers with cream cheese, olive tapenade and quartered cherry tomatoes.

  • Crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

  • Crackers with guacamole made of half squashed cubes of avocado, tomato cubes and tiny purple onion cubes with or without Tabasco.

  • Crackers with garlic butter (mix butter with fresh crushed garlic or with crystalline garlic).

  • Crackers with yellow cheese, goat cheese, green onions and a quartered cherry tomatoes.

  • Crackers with chickpeas, hot sauce and thin slices of fresh cucumber.

  • Crackers with tahini, a slice of hard-boiled egg and a thin slice of radish.

  • Crackers with diced eggplant, Bulgarian cheese and chopped parsley.

PRICE: 25-28 NIS per 150g. The crackers are packed in 3 separate packages for maximum freshness.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher under the supervision of the ultra-Orthodox community and Ma'ale Adumim Rabbinate.

Foods and Recipes for Shavuot 2020
Flax Crackers by "Bikkurim Food and Pastry". Credit: Yosef Labin

Happy Shavuot! Talma

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