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  • Talma Gotteiner

Geoni Games Light Up Your Brains for Hannukah 2019

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Hi there!

The Hannukah holiday is upon us and one of the best gifts that you can give are smart thinking games!

The Israeli game maker Geoni (i.e. Genius), launched in a holiday preview exhibition, two fun new board games that develop thinking, strategy and motor skills.

Both games come with minimal instructions in English on the back of the board. The full instructions pamphlet is in Hebrew. A demonstrative video is available on youtube (search Geoni Games + name of the game).

Dragon Market

'Dragon Market' is a challenging strategy game for 2-4 participants, aged 7 and up.

Princess Sue, the Dragon Bay Princess, is getting married this weekend. As is customary in the kingdom, every noble house must send its heir to the floating dragon market to obtain treasures and gifts to woo the princess. As the heir to one of the noble houses, you know that the best way to collect the gifts quickly is to run and jump from boat to boat and collect gifts and treasures before the other heirs.

How to play:

The object of the game is to collect the treasures and gifts depicted on your task card and return to your platform to keep the treasures you have collected.

The boats are placed on the game board. Each boat is loaded with coins with treasures. The first player then rolls the dice to see how many moves he can make. Each player (heir), must plan his moves so that he can bring the boats adjacent to one another enabling him to jump across from one to another, collecting the treasures on his task cards. Each player receives two task cards, with pictures of treasures and gifts that he must collect. The first player to complete 2 task cards and return to his platform wins the game!

Each game contains: 1 board, 10 boats, 4 heirs (in different colors), 2 dice, 40 treasure coins, 12 gold coins, 13 red task cards and 10 blue task cards. The two types of task cards are for different levels.

The game develops thinking, concentration and strategy skills.

Price: 119.90 NIS

Geoni Games Light Up Your Brains for Hannukah 2019
Dragon Market

Slide Quest

A collaborative, quest-style, mind-blowing computer-like game suitable for 2-4 participants aged 7 and up.

Bad guys have taken over the kingdom, and the brave knight embarks on the difficult mission of saving the kingdom and the world. Only cooperation between all players will safely lead the knight through the obstacles that he faces along the way. Will you be able to prevent him from falling into traps and dark pits? Will the knight manage to avoid a huge rock, or escape from a bomb? The road is curvy and dangerous! Will you be able to help him fulfill his mission - and save the world?

This is a fascinating board game that mimics favorite quests from the computer world. The game features 20 maps of 4 types of worlds rated to 3 levels of difficulty. The knight must pass the obstacles in all the maps and worlds in order to stay alive. A life bar with 8 lives attached to the game should indicate the amount of life left to the knight. The knight is victorious only if he has managed to pass all world maps from levels 1 to 20, with a minimum leftover life of 1 in which case the quest ends successfully - and the world is saved!

Each game contains: 20 game boards and a grid on which they are placed, 4 yellow handles (to help of move the knight along the track, a knight's figure, 8 obstacles, 9 traps, a heart, a life-bar and a board for keeping track of which level you're at and other game data in case you stop in the middle and want to continue later.

Another cool feature is a complementary app. You can combine the game with an app, that you can download from the game barcode, that allows you to time yourself and add another level of difficulty to intensify the game once you get used to it.

The game is social encouraging collaboration and teamwork, and develops concentration, thinking skills, strategy, dexterity and motor skills.

Price: 110 NIS

Geoni Games Light Up Your Brains for Hannukah 2019
With Yael Nur Berkovitz, CEO. Credit bottom row: Ofir Weiss



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