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  • Talma Gotteiner

GraviTrax at Puzzleland

Hi there,

I've written about Puzzleland previously. You can see in my related posts. They're an Israeli company that specializes in puzzles and brain games. Now, in time for Passover, they have brought to Israel a revolutionary game that has conquered the markets abroad.

GRAVITRAX is an interactive game in which you build a modular track system of your own design on which balls are propelled. The game allows you to build your own race tracks while experimenting with the laws of physics such as gravity, magnetism and kinetics. The game comes with a variety of tiles, tracks, levels and other features that enable you to change the heights and angles of your design and discover different ways to control the speed of the balls that are launched along the track to the finish line.

GraviTrax at Puzzleland

The game has over 100 pieces and 18 different constructional elements as well as expansions such as cannons, hammers, loops and catapults that can help you add action and flair to the game.

GRAVITRAX comes with two booklets:

The first is a 24-task booklet divided into six difficulty levels (including solutions) and consists of four types of tasks:

  • Height - in this task you can see the track without the elevation tiles. The objective of the task is to place the tiles in the appropriate place for the ball to reach the landing surface.

  • Missing Tracks - In this task the route is displayed without the tracks. The goal is to assemble the tracks in the right place.

  • Missing tiles - Which tile fits the question mark? Wherever the question mark is displayed, the appropriate tile should be placed.

  • Sequence - The goal is to plan the route and correct sequence of the balls that reach the end point.

The second booklet is a free-form program with 9 examples of tracks. After seeing the suggested options, you can assemble a challenging track of your own and experience gravity. For additional ideas you can download the free app on your smartphone.

The game is suitable for ages 8 and up.

Happy Passover! Talma

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