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  • Talma Gotteiner

Hod Hasharon: A Seasonal Field Trip

Hi there!

Every year between October-December, agronomist Uri Weiss invites the public to come on Saturdays and holidays to his cornfields for a fun family field trip. Last week, I went with my relative, a seven year-old and an eight year-old to try it out.

Hod Hasharon: A Seasonal Field Trip

Above: Uri Weiss beat us to the exit.

His lovely field includes a newly planted challenging corn maze as well as a few additional games. The mazes are full of tasks and informational signs related to corn growing, fun facts and other interesting trivia details that keep the children busy. The maze spans 3 whole acres, with two maze navigation paths to choose from, a long for older children and short for younger ones. We did both and then went to do some harvesting.

This year, in addition to corn picking, there is cherry tomato picking of two varieties, red and yellow, all developed by the Hazera seed company. The "Hazera" company is a world leader in the cultivation, production and marketing of vegetable seeds and field crops.

The sweet corn is from the Sentinel variety, a sweet, high quality, crispy and delicious corn. The corn developed by '' HM CLAUSE '', a sister company of ''Hazera'', has a bright yellow color and a long shelf life, suitable for growing in all seasons and tastes wonderful.

The red cherry tomatoes are from the Ornella variety, and the yellow cherry tomatoes are from the Flamantino variety. Both are very sweet and can be eaten directly from the field during harvest.

Hod Hasharon: A Seasonal Field Trip

Uri Weiss Agronomist Graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture established the project "Klachim Umevohim" in order to connect children to nature and agriculture. Uri hopes, to achieve this connection through a delightful experience in the huge corn maze that he carefully plants and treats each year from the beginning of August.

In addition to the above, the children can enjoy some additional activities on site such as a corn game in which you search for golden corn kernels from among a bin full of corn, writing on billboards with rubber bands and planting corn in a pot that the children can take home. The additional games are in the shaded seating area.

Also, for even younger children (although our 7-8 year olds tried them too), there are two smaller mazes one made of ropes and and another circular maze made of irrigation tubing.

The maze and fields are tailored to families. The enclosure is fenced in for visitors' safety and has toilets and water taps on site. In the pleasant fall season, the attraction is perfect for familes.

Hod Hasharon: A Seasonal Field Trip

OPEN: Saturdays from 9:00 - 14:00 and on holidays.

ADDRESS: Yefe Nof Street, Moshav Ganei Am (inside Hod Hasharon city).


40 NIS for a child from aged 3 and up.

20 NIS per adult

* The price includes entry into the maze, a basket for cherry tomato and corn cob self-harvesting and free eating in the field.

CONTACT: Registration by phone 054-7274633 or the Hebrew Facebook page.

Best, Talma

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