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  • Talma Gotteiner

Israfood: The 35th International Exhibition for Food and Beverages

Hi there! Last week, I went to the 'Israfood' exhibition for the first time. Israfood is a trade exhibition for service providers in the hospitality and restaurant industries. The exhibition serves as a platform for professionals from both the private and institutional sectors, retail chains, importers and manufacturers alike.

Israfood 2018

I was interested in visiting the exhibition in order to learn about Israeli brands that would possibly interest you, my dear readers, who are interested in learning about Israel and our lifestyle.

I am happy to say that I was able to fulfill my expectations and have an enjoyable time. It was delightful to see some of the well-known Israeli chefs demonstrating how to use products and learn about new ones.

Israfood 2018

Clockwise from top left: Chef Ra'anan Yosef Nussel making amazing pizzas in the Stybel flour compound and Chef Erez Komrovsky with the Sugat products.

The exhibition took place at the Tel-Aviv fairgrounds in two large pavilions, one dedicated to kitchen equipment and the other to the food products themselves. From those, I've chosen three Israeli manufacturers that caught my attention and that I hope you hear about in the future. I made up the categories.

No. 1 in the 'Environmental Friendly and Healthy' category, is the company 'SEAKURA'. As their name suggests, the company grows a Super-Seawead, a super food with a high concentration of nutrients. These include: proteins, minerals, all 9 essential amino-acids, fibers, vitamins, anti-oxidants, etc. and are suitable for populations that may wish to boost their nutritional intake such as vegans, athletes, children and midlife-plus. The growth in eco-pools in Israel ensure that the cultivated seaweed is free from contaminants and has a high yield. The seaweed comes in fresh and dried forms either alone or in combination with ginger or garlic and can be added to a dish that you are making. The products are available in health-stores throughout Israel. The company also partners with other companies that wish to incorporate seaweed into their products.

Israfood 2018 Seakura

No. 2 in the 'Best Gift Idea' category, is the Citron Liquer 'ETROGCELLO' that comes in different percentages of alcohol, 18%, 26% and 32%. The Etrog or citron fruit is mainly associated with the Sukkot (Tabernacles) holiday, where it is blessed every day along with three other plants that together symbolize the unity of the Jewish nation. When I was a child the 'Sabra' liquer was a common Israeli gift, which immediately triggered the category. The 'Etrogcello' liquer is also made in Israel and has a nice citrusy flavor reminiscent of Limoncello and can similarly serve as an Israeli gift.

Israfood 2018 Etrogcello

No. 3 in the best 'Heat and Eat' category is the Israeli company 'CHEF-MAN', a play on the Hebrew word 'Shefa', which means abundance. The company produces ready-made meals that are soy based substitutions for meat and are kosher, vegan and gluten-free. If you tested me blindfolded, I am not sure I would be able to differentiate between their products and real Shawarma, real Mexican strips or real Teriyaki chicken. If you ask me, the Shawarma was the best.

Israfood 2018 Chef-Man

I'd like to thank the Stier Group company for inviting me to the exhibition. The Stier group are a veteran trade-show management company and have planned and held conferences since the 1970s in several leading industries in Israel including pharmaceuticals, various technologies, fitness, printing, jewelry and more.

I hope you've had a good read and that some good comes out of it!

Best, Talma

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