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  • Talma Gotteiner

IsraToys: New Puzzles and Toys for Passover

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you additional games from a veteran Israeli toy manufacturer called IsraToys. IsraToys have been on the market for 25 years and specialize in development of board games and especially educational games on Judaism.

They have a huge variety of board games, social games, strategic games, creativity kits, puzzles, magic tricks, cards, trivia games, coloring books and educational games. Their ~700 games of which 200 are Judaism oriented, are manufactured in Israel and are distributed in the best toy stores in Israel and around the world. Shneor, VP extends his welcome to you!

IsraToys, Passover 2019

Above: With Shneor, VP

IsraToys has launched a new series of puzzles for children and youth for the holidays, which enables learning and practicing social qualities naturally while playing and enjoying themselves.

Four new and sweet floor puzzles have joined the family of IsraToys floor puzzles: a Unicorn puzzle, a 24-piece Waterworld puzzle, a Rescue Forces puzzle and a 70-piece Galaxy puzzle.

The new puzzles are of great quality, the pieces are large and laminated, and the paintings are spectacular, a celebration for the eyes and a real experience for the children! The new puzzles are a nice addition to the already huge and excellent assortment of floor puzzles that have captured the puzzle market in Israel.

IsraToys, Passover 2019

As mentioned above, IsraToys have several Judaism and Hebrew related games. One of the fun games that can be useful for learning the Hebrew letters is a stamp kit.

It includes rubber stamps of the Hebrew alphabet including final letters and punctuation marks.

There are two sets. One has the classic letters for younger children and the other handwritten letters for bigger ones. Both sets include excellent quality stamps, that are large and easy to grip plus three large colored ink pads in three colors.

The set is recommended for learning letters and can be used for writing words, designing cards and decorating notebooks, albums and more.

Each set includes : 27 large stamps of letters 12 stamps and punctuation marks 3 colored ink pads in three colors Recommended price: 59.90

Other Hebrew games include a floor mat and a floor puzzle with Hebrew letters for coloring or necklaces with Hebrew letters.

IsraToys, Passover 2019

Happy Passover! Talma

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