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Jerusalem: Family Activities for Hanukkah ONLINE & OUTSIDE

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Hi there!

In preparation for the upcoming Hanukkah holiday, I am happy to share with you some unique recommendations, suitable for the whole family, some of which are free.

Jerusalem: Family Activities for Hanukkah  ONLINE & OUTSIDE
Credit: Sonia Frenzel


Winter Lights

Dec 12, 2020 (3rd candle) - Dec 31, 2020

The main attraction this winter and a celebration of lights, nature and food will be taking place at the Jerusalem Botanical Garden, Givat Ram.

The botanical garden, which is the largest in the Middle East, has prepared a special trail for the festival, which is about 700 meters long, covering an area of ​​14 acres. You will be able to enjoy a breathtaking lighting display projected on to the trees, shrubs and lake. Throughout the trail, you'll meet with costumed actors who will greet you and share the festivities. Refreshments will include roasted chestnuts, potatoes in sauces, French crêpes, sausages, hot chocolate, hot tea, donuts and more.

It should be noted that the University Botanical Garden in Givat Ram in Jerusalem opened its doors to the public in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the purple badge. The garden covers an area of ​​about 120 dunams, and can accommodate several hundreds of families in parallel while maintaining social distancing.

Admission will be paid at the Gardens box office, subject to early registration on the website only. No entry will be allowed without prior reservation.

Open: Sunday-Thursday and Saturday between 17:00-21:00. Last entry at 20:00

Entrance Fee: Adult 40 NIS; Child (5-12) 25 NIS, Soldier 25 NIS. Free entrance for children <5 and subscribed members.

Before purchasing, you can verify that the display will be open by contacting the Jerusalem University Botanical Garden at 02-6794012 or

Creative Activity for Children in the Garden

Dec 11, 2020 - Dec 19, 2020

During Hanukkah, the Givat Ram University Botanical Garden in Jerusalem is inviting families to join a journey of exploration, discovery and creation following the art hidden in the magical spaces of nature. At the entrance to the garden, each child will receive a creative kit and will embark on an independent journey that includes 3 creative stops. The first stop is at the new sculpture exhibition "Returning to Nature", in which the children will solve puzzles and collect treasures. At the second station, the spectacular tropical greenhouse, the children will discover tiny shapes and patterns and experience colorful prints. In the greenhouse you can touch, smell and sometimes even taste the plants and their fruits. The greenhouse includes about 300 different and special plant species with different shapes, colors and uses including endangered species, spectacular banana trees, coffee bushes, orchids and cacti. The greenhouse is divided into two areas: a tropical area and a desert area. At the third and final stop, the children will prepare paints from a variety of natural materials and create custom-made brushes so that at the end of the journey, each child will have a personalized work of art of his/her own. Also, during Hanukkah the garden train will operate.

Open: Each day between 9:00-16:00.

Recommended ages: 3-15


Follow the website for tickets on this activity.

Entrance Fee: 35 NIS child / adult. Jerusalem child: free of charge at the presentation of ID and parental guidance. Free for subscribed members.

Cost of participation in the activity: Child up to the age of 18: 15 NIS. Child with subscription: 10 NIS.


Dec 13, 2020 (4th candle) - Dec 17, 2020

The Train Theater festival known for its uncompromising artistic quality will be held this year in an online format alongside tours in the open space. This year's festival will feature dozens of artists, puppets, musicians and creators in dozens of guest performances and plays produced by the Train Theater, online art workshops, theatrical tours for the whole family in the Bell Garden and Yemin Moshe alleys, meetings with artists and creators, a series of lectures for adults and more. The festival includes both paid events and free events in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality.

The festival includes a digital show with an online workshop in English entitled "The Chelem Legend Fool Moon" for ages 4 and above.

Created by: Galia Levy Grad

The show is a theatrical adaptation based on the humorous stories of Chelem and Eastern European Jewish folklore. Leimech and Laizer set out on an adventure to find a new moon for the town of Chelem to replace the one that was stolen. The plot unfolds via a pop-up book, combined with puppets and shadows and incorporating original klezmer.

The workshop moderated by Galia Levy Grad is for making Origami paper puppets.

Required materials: Posters A4 size, pens, pencils and other writing utensils and bits of colored scrap paper


Concept, Design and Puppetry: Galia Levy-Grad.

Playwrights: Naomi Yoeli, Galia Levy-Grad

Direction: Naomi Yoeli

Music: Eyal Talmudi

Lighting Design: Noa Elran

Production: The Train Theater

The digital show and online workshop will take place via zoom on Monday, Dec 14, 2020 at 16:00. The show will be available to watch for 24 hours. Ticket price, 20 NIS.

Festival website with details on free events.


Both can be seen on the orchestra's Facebook page or Youtube channel.

Dec 15, 2020 (6th candle) at 20:00

"A great miracle was here" - a festive Hanukkah concert by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality. This free online première concert conducted by maestro Eli Jaffe in a selection of works in the spirit of Hanukkah, an aria from the oratorio "Judas Maccabaeus / Yehuda HaMaccabi" (Handel), "Maoz Tzur" (Pinchik), "These Candles" (Mendel), "Halelu" (Yankel Talmud) and more. Soloists: Israel Rand, Avremi Roth, Colin Shochat and Rafi Marciano.

Dec 17, 2020 (8th candle) at 17:00

The first meeting in a new series conducted by Guy Feder, will introduce children to dominant figures in the orchestra and the variety of musical instruments such as wind instruments, strings, percussion and more.

The session will be presented in Hebrew with humor and acting and combines texts by Natan Alterman and pieces of music created especially for the series.

The family concert will take place online.


You are also welcome to refer to my previous post.


Dec 16, 2020 (7th candle) starting at 17:00

This event is intended for Hebrew speaking children. The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem is inviting children and parents to a LIVE event with an intriguing and rich scientific celebration: special experiments with doughnuts, joint construction with the participation of the whole family from home, a meeting with artists, creators and experts for whom spinning is part of their daily lives, a game show with prizes and a host of other surprises. The event will be posted on the museum's website.

Happy Hanukkah!


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