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  • Talma Gotteiner

Joya Cosmetics: The MOROCCAN PURE MAGIC Hair Product Series

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Hi there,

The Israeli manufacturer, Joya Cosmetics, has come out with a new series of hair products based on Argan oil. Argan oil is extracted from the nuts of the argan tree, a tree that is endemic to southwest Morocco. The flavorful oil is used both for culinary purposes and for cosmetics due to its composition of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E.

The new flagship MOROCCAN PURE MAGIC series is a luxury formula rich in argan oil, vitamins and essential fatty acids that is salt and paraben-free. The products will do magic for all types of hair, especially for curly hair and dry and damaged hair leaving them glowing, healthy, strong and blissfully fragrant.

Joya is offering an exclusive package containing three basic products from the MOROCCAN PURE MAGIC SERIES:

  • Shampoo 500+

  • Extra Gloss Mask without SLS

  • Full Size Serum

Joya Cosmetics: The MOROCCAN PURE MAGIC Hair Product Series

The salt-free shampoo 500+ helps to rebuild the hair, restoring it from root to end and helping to maintain the beautiful results of chemical processes such as hair-smoothening or bleaching. The shampoo helps to balance the natural pH level of the scalp keeping it healthy and clean, resulting in a glossy, supple feel and full-volume look, as if you had just left the barbershop, an ultimate indulgence.

The Extra Gloss Mask, without SLS, salt or parabens is a deep nutritional mask based on argan oil. The formula coats the hair with a protective layer, strengthening it and helping to repair split ends. It is particularly suitable for chemically treated hair that requires extra nourishment and protection. The luxurious mask treatment leaves the hair soft, healthy and shiny.

The last item in the exclusive package is the serum also based on the argan oil. Serums are used by hair professionals to provide an added layer of treatment especially when hair has lost its natural luster and softness. Following treatment with the serum, the hair regains its vitality and shiny, healthy look.

After using the shampoo and mask while showering and dispersing the serum afterwards on semi-dry hair, my hair became softer and silkier to the touch with a lovely healthy look overall.

Joya Cosmetics is a leading Israeli company in the field of cosmetics, body care, face and hair products. It manufactures it's products in compliance with GMP and ISO standards. Joya also manufactures private labels for selected companies. Its high quality products are marketed in Israel, the EU, USA, South Africa and Asian markets.

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The products can be purchased on the company's Hebrew Website.

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