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  • Talma Gotteiner

Kapulsky is Back!

Hi there!

I think that most Israelis over the age of 40 will find my title mouth-watering. The name 'Kapulsky' has a pavlovian effect on those who remember the delicious layered cakes of the successful chain of conditories and cafés that spread throughout Israel during the '80s.

I am happy to say that the legendary "Kapulsky" bakery has reopened its first branch on 40 Bialik Boulevard in Ramat Hasharon. Lior Engel, the owner extends his welcome to you.

Kapulsky Owner Lior Engel

If you're interested in some history, the Kapulsky bakery was established in 1934 in Lithuania by the Kapulsky family. In the 1950s, they immigrated to Israel, bringing with them skills of elite baking according to Eastern European bakery standards, and opened their first branch on Allenby Street in Tel-Aviv.

Subsequently, additional branches of the pastry shop were opened nationwide. In 1977 David Kapulsky opened Kapulsky's first café in Neot Afeka. The chain was a great success, and began to sell franchises to other operators. In 2001 the chain of cafés comprised 50 branches. In 2002, David Kapulsky sold the chain and now lives with his family in Australia.

Kapulsky Ramat HaSharon

In 2015, Kapulsky's large bakery, including its equipment, recipes, methods and intellectual property, was acquired by Liron Engel, a third generation of baker himself and owner of additional veteran pastry shops. Liron has 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of pastries.

Over the past three years, dozens of recipes of the original Kapulsky bakery have been adapted and tested. Kapulsky 's bakers worked hard to preserve the unique character and tastes of the brand' s past, while upgrading it to a contemporary palate.

Kapulsky Cakes and Pastries

Among the favorite cakes of the chain are the 'Sabrina' and the 'Black Forest Torte', along with 200 different cakes, cookies and other pastries, including cold cakes, yeast cakes, spongecakes, parve cakes, quiches, puffs, macarons and more.

Kapulsky prices:

  • Baked cakes 38 NIS

  • Parve cold cakes 54-110 NIS

  • Dairy cold cakes 57-170

  • Dairy Tortes 250 NIS

  • Window cakes 59 NIS

  • Parve yeast cakes 38 NIS

  • Dairy yeast cakes 42 NIS

  • Quiches 24-84 NIS

  • Puffs 32 NIS

  • Pies 59-65 NIS

  • Pastries 9-75 NIS

  • Cookies 28-36 NIS

  • Parmesan sticks 36 NIS

  • Macarons 36 NIS

The products are Kosher Rabbinate.


  • "Kapulsky" - 40 Bialik Boulevard Ramat HaSharon, Phone: 03-6287358

  • Factory Store "Kapolsky House", 30 Hamalka Street Netanya, Phone: 09-9748888



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