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  • Talma Gotteiner

Regina Restaurant Tel-Aviv: New Year, New Dishes

Hi there!

The Regina Restaurant at the old train station in Tel-Aviv has refreshed its menu with new dishes served alongside its flagship dishes that have established this Kosher Mehadrin restaurant as a gourmet-homestyle restaurant. Avi, the owner extends his New Year wishes to all of you!

Regina Restaurant Tel-Aviv: New Year, New Dishes

Among the starters offered in the refurbished menu: A liver pâté delicacy served with purple onion, seasonal confit and bruschetta (52 NIS), roasted eggplant seasoned with fresh tahini, date honey and cranberries (38 NIS), beet carpaccio with olive oil and walnuts (36 NIS) and a home pastry stuffed with meat, pine nuts and herbs, served alongside tahini in date syrup and a tomato basket (48 NIS).

Regina Restaurant Tel-Aviv: New Year, New Dishes

Clockwise from top left: The home pastry, the oven-baked fish, the foccacia, a salad and the liver pâté.

Among the new main dishes added to the menu:

Asado - a large cut of slow-cooked beef in a beef broth made with soy sauce and date syrup and served with white rice and root vegetables (price 40 NIS per 100 grams).

Oven-baked fish - fresh whole baked Sea Bream with herbs accompanied by roasted vegetables in the oven (120 NIS).

Siniya - Kebab on a hot bed of tahini, eggplant and other vegetables served in a hot frying pan alongside a mujadara of rice and lentils.

Children's Favorites - Children can enjoy dishes such as bolognese (54 NIS), a hamburger with fries and sliced vegetables (58 NIS).

As stated, Regina restaurant is located in the Neve Zedek neighborhood at the old train station. The restaurant itself is a special Mediterranean-style architectural structure with an inner courtyard lush with plants and flowers. As such, Regina restaurant offers to host a variety of limited family and business events.

Regina Restaurant Tel-Aviv: New Year, New Dishes

Clockwise from top left: The asado, a toast to your health, the spring chicken and the beet carpaccio.

The restaurant has three intimate complexes: a private room that serves up to 30 people, a garden that can host up to 150 people or an indoor terrace with the capacity of 60 people. I hope you find time in between the holidays to try it out.

Shana Tova! Talma

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