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  • Talma Gotteiner

Kosher Food and Wine Experience (KFWE) 2019: A World-Class Event

Hi there,

In anticipation of the upcoming Purim and Passover holidays, the largest kosher wine exhibition in Israel, produced by 'Zur World of Wine', was held this week at the 'Trask' event hall at the port of Tel-Aviv.

The Kosher Food and Wine Exhibition (KFWE) hosted 40 Israeli and international wineries and included 180 types of kosher wines in the annual exhibition this year. Of course, when attending the event, I asked each of the representatives to recommend their best for your sake of course.

Among the participating wineries from Israel were Shiloh, Psagot and Jezreel Valley.

KFWE 2019 Israeli Wines Shilo, Psagot and Jezreel Valley Wineries

Clockwise from Top Right: 'Peak' by Psagot Winery, Jezreel Valley Winery's new Jezreel Icon wine and one of Shiloh's Secret Reserves.

As explained by the owner Shlomi Zur, the "Taste of the World" is the Israeli equivalent of the Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWE) in six cities around the world (Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Tel Aviv and Miami). It is considered to be the largest and most prestigious kosher wine and kosher food event in the world, and has been growing annually. . Among the participating wineries the international sector were:

Herzog California; Hagafen California USA ; ELVI Spain; Chateau Lascombe - France; Chateau Leoville Poyferre - France; Drappier – France ; Les Marronniers France; Barons Edmond & Benjamin De Rothschild France; Tsafona - Canada; Goose Bay New Zealand; Ramon Balboa Spain; Koenig - France; Chateau Malartic Lagraviere - France ; Chateau Giscours - France; Bartenura - Italy.

KFWE 2019 International Wines

Clockwise from Top Left: US 'Boondocks' liquers, two new Sangrias by ELVI Wines from Spain, Walders liquer from The Netherlands and the Bartenura Moscato from Italy.

Shlomi Zur also mentioned that this year Zur World of Wine was excited to see more and more wineries from abroad joining in the production of a kosher wine line that is gaining momentum throughout the world. This year some of the newcomers were winemakers and wineries from France who believe in kosher wine and in Israel.

KFWE 2019 Champagne Baron De Rothschild Rose

Above: A toast to the new Champagne Baron De Rothschild Rose

As you can imagine, the event in Tel Aviv was accompanied by dishes from Israeli kosher restaurants such as 'The Meat & Wine Co.' (Herzliya), 'Skyline' (Jerusalem) and 'Resto' (Tel Aviv).

KFWE 2019 Food from Resto, Skyline and The Meat and Wine Co.

Clockwise from Top Left: Resto, Skyline and bottom half 'The Meat and Wine Co'.

Among the new wines launched at the event were: Herzog Lineage Cabernet Sauvignon Herzog Lineage Pinot noir Herzog Lineage Choreograph Herzog Alef Tzafona Riesling Tzafona Chardonnay Tzafona Icewine Cabernet Koenig Cre'mant Champagne Baron De Rothschild Rose Domanie Ternynck Pinot noir Domanie Ternynck Chardonnay Chateau Piada Sauternes Chateau Clarke Chateau Mayne Guyon Chateau Montiviel Pomerol Ramon Cardova Albarino

Among the wines launched by Israeli wineries were: Psagot Gewurztraminer Shiloh Shor Merlot, Shiloh Privilege Jezreel Icon Jezreel Gewurztraminer

KFWE 2019 Kosher Food and Wine Experience Tel-Aviv

'Zur World of Wine' is a company that imports and exports kosher wines and beverages to and from Israel from about 40 wineries in Israel and abroad (including France, California, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, New Zealand and more). The wines are extremely diverse in terms of the grape varieties from which the wines are produced, both in terms of the location and production conditions of the grapes and in terms of wine production processes. As of 2019, about 180 different types of wines are marketed by 'Zur World of Wine', including many wines that have won international medals and wines from some of the world's most prestigious wineries, including Château Leoville Poyeferre, Château Giscours Margaux, Château Malartic-Lagravière, Barons E & B De Rothschild. In addition, the company markets liqueurs and alcoholic beverages from the best manufacturers in Israel and abroad. Among the different brands are Walders, Herman Jensen, Boondocks, Levov, Bicerin, Shmerling, Sabra, Shannon and more. More details are available on Zur World of Wine's English website.

Altogether, it was a memorable event.

KFWE 2019 Kosher Food and Wine Experience Tel-Aviv

Happy Holidays!

Best, Talma

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