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  • Talma Gotteiner

Kreuzberg Kinder: Launching A New Collection of Glasses at the Annual Optics Exhibition 2019

Hi there,

KREUZBERG KINDER is a brand promoted by an Israeli company called Duke Optics, a leading distributor in the premium optics market.

The spectacular and original collection is the result of a collaboration between photographer Gili Shani, an international artist located in Berlin and designers from Italy and Germany, who work with Erez Cohen, owner of Duke Optics.

Erez Cohen Kreuzberg Kinder

Above: Erez Kinder, Owner of Duke Optics Launching the KREUZBERG KINDER collection

As part of the launch event, Artist Gil Shani attended the 2019 Optics Exhibition in Tel Aviv. In his capacity as artist and stylist of the unique collection and as the home photographer of the brand, Gil Shani met with the Israeli media for a personal optics styling session with him. The rare meeting will be recorded by Shani himself, who will take the event to the world page of the brand.

The new and interesting collection presents a selection of innovatively designed prescription glasses and sunglasses that combine the enchanting touch of the merry fifties and sixties with the modern urban style of 2019, suitable for fashion enthusiasts with a strong personal statement.

The KREUZBERG KINDER collection also features especially thick, dramatic and over-sized frames that set the tone and prove that glasses are much more than an accessory for a garment - they are a fashion item in their own right.

Duke Optics Booth, Kreuzberg Kinder Launch

Clockwise fromTop Left: Shai Markson, COO, Erez Cohen, CEO, Xenia Abayev and Moshik Avrahami from Duke Optics and some ad-hoc baby models.

The collection combines black sunglasses with geometric shapes, as well as more refined, soft and catlike items. Some of the frames create a tempting game between black and transparent, which creates a particularly intriguing look.

On the other hand, the prescription glasses can be found with a thin transparent frame reminiscent of aviator frames that gives them a modern chic touch. The prescription glasses also use geometric shapes and subtle changes to the thickness of the frame for a variety of designs.

KREUZBERG KINDER proves once again that with infinite creativity and passion for the world of glasses, it is possible to create rare and original models that quickly become must-have items that cannot be ignored. Gili Shani, whose arrival in Israel is another step in the entrenchment of the brand in Israel, is responsible for the bursting creativity of the brand.

Purchasing Contact Details: Available in Stores Throughout Israel 08-9366888 058-5366888 English Website

Best, Talma

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