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  • Talma Gotteiner

Launching RUN TOUR Tel-Aviv

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Hi there!

The tourism run trend that has conquered the capitals of Europe and New York City has finally come to Tel-Aviv. You are invited to try the new RUN TOUR that has just been launched!

The launch event and the opening shot took place at the Metropolitan Hotel in Tel Aviv and was attended by representatives of the Tel-Aviv Hotels and the Tel-Aviv Hotel Association, among them Oded Grofman, CEO of the Tel-Aviv Hotel Association and Sharon Govrin, Metropolitan Hotel Manager.

Launching RUN TOUR Tel-Aviv

Right to Left: Moy Kasman, PM Israel Marathon, Sharon Guvrin, General Manager Metropolitan Hotel, Oded Grofman, CEO of the Tel-Aviv Hotel Association, Ofer Padan, CEO and the remaining team from Israel Marathon.

Photo Credit: Yoav Shimon

This new offering has been created by Israel Marathon especially for the global community of running enthusiasts, who come to visit Israel. The new guided run tour offers 90 minute sessions that enable tourists to combine their love of running and their athletic workout with a tour of the Tel-Aviv metropolis.

It is well known that real runners never stop, even when traveling abroad, so what better way to discover a new destination than through your feet?

Get acquainted with the RUN TOUR TLV World Project that is currently operating in major cities such as New York, London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona. The project is now starting in November 2019 in Tel Aviv and hopefully will be launched next year in Jerusalem.

Behind the initiative lies the company Israel Marathon, a leader of the largest community of runners in Israel. Israel Marathon conducts running events throughout the country such as the Half Marathon Beaujolais in Gezer County that I've written about previously.

After researching the format worldwide Ofer Padan, CEO of the Israel Marathon decided to implement it in Israel as well, first in Tel Aviv and later in Jerusalem to everyone's benefit.

The carefully selected RUN TOUR guides know the city like the palm of their hand and love sharing its secrets with fellow runners. The starting points of the running course will be located along the TLV promenade and will continue to lead the tourists into the inner streets as the city wakes up. On the professional side Moy Kessman is responsible.

Launching RUN TOUR Tel-Aviv

Left to Right: With Moy Kasman, Project Manager and Gal Shchori, Operational Manager

The pace will be easy and flexible enabling tailoring to the group. During the run, the guide will stop several times along the way to share local facts, historic details and stories. It's a social run that, beyond the fabulous tour, is a great way to meet people and an excellent networking catalyzer.

WHEN & WHERE: Starting on Nov 4, 2019, every Monday at 6:30 AM, the 90 minute RUN TOUR sessions will set off from the Tel Aviv promenade to the inner city. Together, the group will visit Atarim Square, the first railway station, the ancient Jaffa port, the Jaffa clock tower, the Habima theater, the flea market, the first Mayor, Meir Dizengoff's house, Rabin Square and more.

TICKETS: The tickets will be available starting Nov 4th on the Run Tour Tel-Aviv Website. A 10% discount code is available on my 'Members Only' page. Subscription is free.

Best, Talma

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