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  • Talma Gotteiner

Lavender: Aromatherapy for Respiratory Relief & More

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Hi there!

I'd like to share with you two products made by 'Lavender', an Israeli company specializing in the manufacturing of cosmetic products based on 100% natural ingredients. The first, a natural mosquito repellant body cream, is mainly a summer product. The second, looking forward towards the fall season, is the essential oil Ravintsara for relief of breathing symptoms.

Blitush Mosquito Repellant Body Cream

A product made from 100% natural and active ingredients, combines a mixture of high quality essential oils to repel the insects tested concentrated at up to 5 times more than in other products from Lavender Natural Cosmetics.

The cream includes shea butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, delicate and excellent for the skin along with essential oils such as lemongrass oil, sweet thyme oil, clove oil, lavender oil and more. The essential oils have been tested in scientific studies and have been proven to be particularly effective as mosquito repellents.

The combination makes Blitush extremely effective both as a repellant and as a soothing body cream. The cream is easily applied and leaves a pleasant scent. It comes in a convenient and useful airless packaging, which can be carried in a small purse anywhere and is safe to use for all ages.

The product is manufactured in the company's plant in Karkur and is licensed by the Ministry of Health. It is a natural product and does not contain synthetic chemicals, preservatives or petroleum by-products.

The series of natural mosquito repellent product is produced in small batches with an shelf life of 18 months only.

Price: 65 NIS

Lavender: Aromatherapy for Respiratory Relief & More
Credit: Tom Langford

Essential Oil Ravintsara

Ravintsara is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the Cinamomum Camphora tree that is high in 1,8-cineol eucalyptol. Its strong antiseptic and immunostimulating properties of the respiratory tract led to its use as a natural decongestant and expectorant for a variety of conditions caused by mucous and phlegm. It is used for treatment of symptoms of chest congestion, stuffiness and tickly throat that accompany rhinities, sinusitis, pharyngitis, angina, bronchitis and flu in general.

It is recommended to be used under the guidance of a naturopath or aromatherapist and should not replace any conventional medicine that you are receiving without consultation with your physician.

Lavender: Aromatherapy for Respiratory Relief

Lavender products are available at Lavender stores, the Lavender factory store in Karkur, the Lavender store in the center of Sharona - Tel Aviv, the Lavender store in the Arim Mall and on the official website Lavender Natural Cosmetics.



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