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  • Talma Gotteiner

Leia London: Swimwear 2020

Hi there,

In Israel, the hot summers are best spent at the beach, countryclub or even in a small pool at home. The main thing is to keep cool while working on your tan in a controlled manner.

Leia London, as a brand that understands the needs of women around the world, has brought to Israel the coveted brands FREYA, FANTASIE & ELOMI to ensure a perfect summer look.

During this summer season of 2020, you can find a very wide variety of cuts and designs that enable everyone from a small size 65 to a large cup H to find one that is most flattering and suits them best.

Leia London: Swimwear 2020
Credit: Courtesy of Leia London. Palm Valley beach dress by Aaron Feaver.

The collection includes also, all the special accessories related to swimwear - such as bows, buckles, lace and chiffon.

The dominant colors this season are authentic earth tones combined with special prints such as stripes, dots, lace and more. There is also a selection of models with bright colors that combine geometric, floral and speckled prints.

The home designers of the elite brands brought by Leia London, try very hard to emphasize comfort and innovation. As a clothing item that should "hold" everything in place and provide a solution of free movement when in use, the brand puts the issue of comfort first and foremost, of course in combination with beauty!

The choice of fabrics and technologies is carefully made by experts who perform quality tests on the products until they perfectly fit the requirements for compatible use in water and durability under direct sun conditions.

In each branch you can see a different variety of models. If you wish to see the entire collection that is coming to Israel in advance, you can go to the Leia London website and be impressed.

What happens if you love a product and can't find it in the branch? The company provides a unique service that enables you to place a special order for items that are not online / in stock, thus saving you the search and ordering on the Internet.

Leia London is the official importer in Israel of the elite brands Wacoal, Freya, Elomi, Fantasie that are sold in the world-renowned fashion chains.

You are invited join a multitude of women who will determine what the coming summer will look like, by choosing what to wear to the beach and the pool. The new collection of Leia London will allow you to look fashionable and contemporary while feeling secure and comfortable with the best designers who understand only you!



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