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  • Talma Gotteiner

Man Wafers: Sweet Kosher Parve for Purim

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you some information about Israeli food products that are suitable for your Purim "basket" also termed "Mishloach Manot".

According to Jewish tradition it is customary on Purim to exchange with friends and family gifts of food and drink (at least one of each), to ensure that everyone has enough refreshments and is in a happy mood for the Purim feast that is held according to the holiday description in the Book of Esther.

The "Man" brand belongs to an old family business called Rokachman Ltd., which was founded in Bnei Brak in 1954 by a Jewish-Austrian couple who specialized in wafers and cookies. The factory later moved to its current location in Ramla in 1990 and is currently run by the third-generation of descendants.

The production process at the modern family plant is fully automated with no human contact. All the products are made of natural ingredients, are preservative-free, without trans fat and without artificial food coloring. Also, all the company products except the granola products are vegan and bear the certification "Vegan Friendly". All the products are Kosher Parve (i.e. non-dairy without milk or lactose ingredients) under the strict supervision of Rabbi Landau, the Av Beit Din of Bnei Brak, and Rabbi Abuhatzeira, Chief Rabbi of the city of Ramla.

For your Mishloach Manot you can include the following recommended products: One of their wafer multipacks containing 10 wafers each. There is a variety of chocolate-flavored wafer multipacks. There is a blue packaging weighing 22 grams at a price of 7.90 NIS.

Man Coated Wafer Multipack

At the same price level you have wafers weighing 21 grams per unit in a packaging termed "Take 1" and wafers weighing 25 grams per unit in a colorful packaging and a smiley packaging.

Man Wafers Take 1

In addition, there are also multipacks of walnut cream-filled wafers weighing 28 grams per unit at a price of about 10.90 NIS.

Man Walnut Wafer Multipack

One of the family size lemon-flavored packages. I bet you didn't know that the second leading flavor in Israel after chocolate is the lemon flavor, whereas in the rest of the world it is vanilla. It is thought to be a result of the preferences of the first settlers who had an Eastern European palate that was used to sour lemony flavors.

The lemon-flavored packages come in different sizes. There is one weighing 200 grams priced at 4.40 NIS. There is a 500 gram package for about 8.90 NIS and a pack of lemon cookies weighing 300 grams at a price of about 6.50 NIS.

Man Wafers Family Package Lemon Flavored


Man Wafers Lemon Moon Cookies

The products can be found in all the big retail chains in Israel: Shufersal, Victory, Hazi Hinam, Yohananoff, Osher Ad, Yesh Chesed, Fresh Market as well as in a variety of private chains and stores.

Best, Talma

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