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  • Talma Gotteiner

Motors Memunaim: Motor Cars for Kids

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Hi there!

Do you want to hear about a deal that will make your kids happy? "Motors Memunaim" is launching a dedicated website - from importer to consumer - for children's motorized vehicles.

On the occasion of the launch Motorized Memunaim is holding a raffle on a Jeep Wrangler - Model 2020. The model includes a multimedia screen, 2 seats and V24 power and is worth 3,499 NIS. Anyone can participate!

Motors Memunaim: Motor Cars for Kids
Clockwise from top left: Bugatti compatible, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes & motorcycle. Credit: Motorized Memunaim.

The site was established after the leading parent website "Click Toy" (from 2015), that offers toys and leisure products at attractive prices - was surprised by the large number of visitors who sought to purchase motorized vehicles for their children, including motorcycles, ATVs, luxury cars and SUVs.

Kfir Gabay, the site's CEO and owner has stated "These are complex products with strict safety standards, designed to keep the child safe - and we have a lot of experience in the field. So far, we have sold the motorized vehicles to toy chainstores and various stores around the country. However, the high number of applicants combined with the corona crisis has led us to make a decision to reduce the brokerage gaps by 60% or more, through the creation of an e-commerce site that directly addresses the end customer."

The site offers hundreds of motorized vehicles in various categories and at attractive prices. For example:

  • Mercedes V12 GLA-45 AMG - only 599 NIS instead of 1,399 NIS.

  • Bugatti compatible - V12 - only 279 NIS instead of 999 NIS

  • Motorcycle V12 Model T-MAX 2020 - only 599 NIS instead of 1,200 NIS.

  • The Jeep Wrangler V24 including a multimedia screen - only 1,499 NIS instead of 3,499 NIS.

How do you participate in the raffle? It's easy!

Go to the "Motorized Memunaim" Facebook page, share the post, click Like and ... that's it. You can win the raffle and win a luxury Jeep, with EVA rubber tires for a quiet and safe ride, a coded smart sign that includes an emergency brake button, 2 seats with leather upholstery, a seat belt and a real multimedia screen for watching movies controlled from the steering wheel. Participation in the raffle is until July 30, 2020 on which date the winner will be announced.

To the Raffle.



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