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Netanya: A Trip with a Stylist to "Little Paris"

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Hi there!

I met Angela at one of the beauty lifestyle events that I go to and we immediately hit it off, taking photos of one another for our social media. One thing led to another and I agreed to come with my three besties on a special group tour that Angela is offering in her hometown of Netanya.

Apparently, Netanya is a hub of French and Russian Olim (immigrants) and must be a true paradise for her as a stylist. Our itinerary was très charmant.

Trip Itinerary

  • Meetup at a pâtisserie

  • Stylish shopping at a number of boutiques

  • Closeout at a fromagerie

Trip Details

Meetup at a Pâtisserie

The pâtisserie is small family business run by Hélène and Geron with the assistance of two other family members, Julia and Joanna. Every day they bake fresh baguettes, croissants and other goodies which are gone by noon leaving only the mouth watering window display for the remainder of the day. We utilized the morning refreshment stop to get to know Angela.

Netanya: A Trip with a Stylist to Little Paris
Above: At the patisserie with Angela (left) and Hélène (middle)

Angela is a Russian immigrant who turned from former accountant to stylist after formal studies in the field around four years ago due to personal circumstances combined with a natural inclination. She mostly caters to private and business customers who are interested in image consulting, personal wardrobe review with/without shopping and lectures or workshops. The new group tour runs every Thursday and is for groups of 6 or more that Angela gathers, so you don't have to bring your personal friends. The group tours cost 150 NIS per person. The personal consulting costs more depending on what you want. I came in a group of four, but it was a special trip for my website and it wasn't conducted on Thursday.

Stylish Shopping at a Number of Boutiques

We started out Irina's lingerie shop. Irina has a large collection of beautiful undergarments and shapewear in all colors and designs made from 100% cotton and lace. She personally helped us all with the fittings.

Netanya: A Trip with a Stylist to Little Paris
Above: Irina on the right and Angela with the hat

From there we went to three other boutiques that had excellent prices, where we tried on a range of tops, sweaters, jackets and dresses that Angela suggested. On the way, we passed an epicerie and a crêperie that made it feel even more like a "Little Paris".

Netanya: A Trip with a Stylist to Little Paris
Above: Top right with Julie and bottom middle with Merav

While we were dressing, Angela took each one of us aside and discussed what style suited us. If you're curious, I got kudos for wearing 7/8 length pants and hip length tops and also affirmation that my natural style is sporty & casual because it suits my character. I was happy to hear that you don't have to wear funny accessories to be a fashionista. All you have to do is adjust your silhouette and suit the clothes to your character. I'm a natural :)

Netanya: A Trip with a Stylist to Little Paris
Above: On top with our day's purchase. On the bottom, trying out some of the merchandise.

Closeout at a Fromagerie

Bernard's cheese shop was the perfect place to sum up the day. We tasted some of his mini quiches (leek, mushroom, salmon and four cheeses) that sell at 20 NIS apiece and purchased some of his imported cheeses to take home and then walked back to our starting point where we said goodbye to Angela and went back to the pâtisserie to buy some cakes to take home. By the way, both are kosher.

Netanya: A Trip with a Stylist to Little Paris
Top Right: Sara and Bernard at the fromagerie

If you're interested in any of Angela's offerings, whether group tours or personal consulting, you are welcome to send a request through my contact page form. My readers will get a 15% discount!



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