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  • Talma Gotteiner

New Foods: Gluten Free, Vegan and Just Plain Healthy

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you another roundup of new foods on the market in Israel.

The list of foods described in this article includes:

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil by Greeny

  • Flax Crackers by "Bikkurim Food and Pastry"

  • Vegan Kebabs, Burgers and Shawarma of the "Aviv Yarok" brand by Rotzim et HaTeva

  • Gluten Free Laffa Flatbread by Green-Lite

Pumpkin Seed Oil by Greeny

The Israeli company Greeny is the distributor of the new pumkin seed oil, made by the Austrian company Alpha JH. The oil is produced from select pumpkin seeds, in a process of cold pressing that preserves their health values. The oil is extracted from seeds that have not been genetically engineered and contains 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, food colors or flavorings.

As naturopath Yaara Ichilov Cohen explained, the pumpkin seeds produce an oil that is rich in zinc, magnesium, antioxidants, iron, protein, omega-3 and vitamins like E and K.

The oil has a rich flavor and is suitable for seasoning salads and fresh vegetables, cheeses, dips, sauces, spreads, stews and more. Due to its concentrated taste, it is enough to put a few drops to upgrade any dish or salad. It is recommended to store in a refrigerator or in a dark and cool place, below 20 degrees. It is not suitable for frying.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: The Chief Rabbinate of Israel and Badatz ​​Beit Yosef.

PRICE: 59.90 NIS for a bottle of 250 ml. The oil is offered on sale 1 + 1 until the end of August.

Pumpkin Seed Oil by Greeny

Flax Crackers by "Bikkurim Food and Pastry"

Bikkurim Food and Pastry are launching new crackers made from ground flax seeds in three flavors: garlic, hyssop and natural. The flax based crackers rich in protein (about 40 grams of protein per 100 grams), omega-3 and fiber, and contain only 1 gram of carbohydrates per cracker. The crackers contain flax seeds, wheat gluten, garlic, vegetable oil, sesame seeds, onions, salt and water and hyssop in the hyssop flavored crackers.

The crackers do not contain genetically modified ingredients or animal ingredients, and are preservative free and sugar free. They are great for snacks either by themselves or a variety of spreads and other additions including tahini, cheese, vegetables, hummus, pickles, olives, tuna, smoked salmon, pastrami and more.

The crackers join the series of "Bikkurim's" flax bread, which includes fresh rolls and bread made from ground flax seeds, and are marketed in special packages that keep them fresh for a long time. Crackers, like breads, are suitable for those who are interested in a low-carb diet (also diabetic). On the one hand, they have a particularly low carbohydrate content, and on the other hand, the high content of dietary fiber (which provides a sense of satiety) helps maintain normal weight.

After opening - if any crackers are left ... it is recommended to keep them in the freezer.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: under the supervision of Badatz HaEidah HaCharedit and the Ma'ale Adumim Rabbinate.

PRICE: 25 - 28 NIS (for a weight of 150 g). The crackers are packed in 3 separate packages to maintain maximum freshness.

Flax Crackers by "Bikkurim Food and Pastry"

Photo Credit: Yosef Lavin

Vegan Kebabs, Burgers and Shawarma of the "Aviv Yarok" brand by Rotzim et HaTeva

The "Aviv Yarok" health food brand is launching a vegan series of meat substitutes including: a Vegan Beet Burger, Vegan Vegi Burger with Zucchini, Vegan Vegetarian Kebabs and Vegan Shawarma. 4 vegan options and flavours for easy preparation in the home oven, toaster oven, on the grill or in the pan.

The products are based on soy flakes, legumes (lentils, mashed beans), whole rice, onion chips, vegetables (carrots, zucchini and beets - depending on the product) and spices. The products do not contain animal ingredients, preservatives and food coloring.

Preparation: The products of the series should be thawed before use, and roasted in a preheated oven to 180 degrees. They can also be prepared in a frying pan, toaster oven and barbecue, and served with salads and spreads you like, in a bun or a pita, or with a hot side dish.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Migdal Haemek and Badatz HaEida HaCharedit Jerusalem.

PRICE: Shawarma and Kebabs - 21.90 NIS. Beet Burger and Vegi Burger: 19.90 NIS. For packings weighing 400 grams. The products will be offered at special discounts in the near future.

Vegan Kebabs, Burgers and Shawarma of the "Aviv Yarok" brand by Rotzim et HaTeva

Photo Credit: Liran Agasi

Gluten Free Laffa Flatbread by Green-Lite

For the first time, gluten and celiac patients are also able to enjoy a high-quality, delicious taste, like everyone else! Green Lite, the market leader in gluten-free bread and pastries, has developed and launched Gluten Free Laffa Flatbread!

The Laffa is gluten-free, lactose-free, casein-free, trans fat-free, and preservative-free. To preserve the fresh properties, the Laffa is frozen in a deep freezer immediately after its baking. Later it is transferred to a regular freezer, which is how it is marketed. Before use, thaw for a few minutes at room temperature and enjoy filling it with all the commonly used and recommended fillings: salads, spreads, chunks of roasted chicken with strips of lettuce, hummus-tahini with parsley, Labane cheese with hyssop and olive oil, an omelette with Bulgarian cheese, roasted or fresh vegetables with olive oil and coarse salt, cream cheese and smoked salmon strips, avocado with purple and green onions, chocolate spread and more.

The Laffa bread is joining the range of bread and pastry products developed by the company, including a selection of breads (white, challah, rustic, etc.), various rolls, pita bread, pizza base, French baguette, American bagel, pizza margarita, pastries, doughs and more.

I have to tell you that I tried one before reading the instructions and microwaved it and it came out as fresh as a room temperature thaw. The GF Laffa is as tasty as the regular one. It's also just as flexible and wraps around the filling very nicely.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: The product is Kosher Parve under the supervision of the Rabbinate of Yavne and Badatz Chatam Sofer Bnei Brak.

PRICE: 16.90 NIS for a packaging weighing 240 grams.

Gluten Free Laffa Flatbread by Green-Lite

Photo Credit: Evyatar Nissan

All the above can be obtained at retail chains and nature stores.

Best, Talma

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