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NHH: The Natural Human Hair Clinic Network

Hi there,

The NHH Network of Hair Clinics was founded in 2004 by Alina and Alexander Kalender. The couple, decided to harness their medical education and professional experience and specialize in the field of hair and scalp healthcare solutions, both medically and aesthetically (supplements, wigs, refills). The network now consists of 2 clinics, in Tel Aviv and in Rehovot, offering a variety of treatments and solutions based on the most advanced technologies in Israel and around the world. Alina and Alexander Kalender extend their welcome to you.

NHH: The Natural Human Hair Clinic Network
Clockwise from left: Alina and Alexander Kalender, the hair types, a sample hair mesh for an area of thinning and the jet systems in the clinic.

In the clinics you will find treatments and solutions for hair preservation and restoration by unique methods that are considered to be advanced in the market.

Hair thinning and baldness, are well known physiological phenomena in many women and men in Israel. It is now known that hair thinning has both a genetic, hormonal component from birth as well as an acquired component that depends on the environment we live in, related to the stress that we live under in our day to day life and to our diet.

NHH currently provides solutions for everything related to scalp and hair including: hair loss, skin diseases such as seborrhea and psoriasis, PRP treatments and hair transplants. In addition, the company has been providing cosmetic solutions for the past 15 years, such as hair extensions, fillers and custom wigs, all made of the highest quality natural hair.

Medical Solutions:

Damaged hair, massive hair loss and baldness are common phenomena that today have solutions that encourage regrowth. The solution of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a unique, patented Israeli product approved by the Ministry of Health for therapeutic purposes.

The treatment begins by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and thereby oxygen into the hair that also revive hair growth. During treatment, a small amount of blood is isolated from the patient, that is centrifuged in order to isolate the protein-rich platelets and growth factors. The enriched plasma is then administered to the patient using advanced air pressure technology in two methods - one, non-invasive and pain-free, and the other, invasive and slightly more painful. The treatments in the clinics are performed by doctors and qualified staff who undergo professional training in the field.

As a result of the PRP treatment, a pool of available proteins and growth factors is created causing acceleration of the hair growth process, stimulation of the stem cell function at the base of the hair follicles while maintianing body electrolyte balance.

The non-invasive treatment is carried out with a painless jet injector made in Israel, that injects a unique fluid into the skin by air pressure. The jet injector has special handles for peeling, inserting vitamins and for PRP. Once the solution is attached to the device, a two-stage jet is created, using air pressure, the material exits and is injected into the deep layers of skin.

Treatments for Psoriasis and Seborrhea

Psoriasis and seborrhea, are examples of autoimmune diseases in which the body for no known obvious reason attacks itself. During the attack both the neck and scalp are affected. Beyond the aesthetic interest, these diseases are characterized by numerous scales, skin peeling and dandruff accompanied by itching and tingling. NHH Hair Clinics, offer advanced treatment aimed at rehabilitating the damaged skin and reducing the the disease flareup, using revolutionary technology, introducing vitamins to the scalp skin with air pressure, so that the damaged skin can be rehabilitated with removal of the scales and itching significantly improving the quality of life.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are done in Turkey or Uzbekistan with a Hebrew translator to explain the whole process. The transplant is done under close medical supervision, with continued follow-up in Israel and PRP treatments to strengthen the end result, for a year.

The center offers 2 types of transplant:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) - A method where the entire head is shaven. Follicles are then taken from the donor area and transplanted at the front where it is necessary to grow new hair due to thinning or baldness. Compared to the old follicular unit transplant (FUT) method, it is a less invasive procedure without the use of a knife and without the appearance of scars in the area from which the follicles were extracted.

Direct Hair Transplant (DHI) - The world's most advanced method, better suited to people with sparse hair areas and especially to women who want to create a denser and fuller hair look. The method allows to shave only the donor area and not the entire head. Healthy follicles are removed and transplanted one by one by a professional doctor. The transplant process is done with a special pen, without holes, and with full control over the depth and angle of the follicle transplant. Even a shorter recovery time can be achieved.

Aesthetic solutions:

The network's clinics provide a solution for hair thinning areas by creating customized and precise European natural hair meshes that cover the patient's thinning area. Using unique attachment methods, the natural hair mesh is attached to the patient's head resulting in complete coverage of the thinned area. The full head of hair lasts for several months. All hair extensions and wigs come directly from a company-owned manufacturing plant located in Russia, which has dozens of employees and currently markets natural hair products to 56 cities around the world and to 400 hairdressers around the country. Aesthetically, hair thinning and hair loss solutions can be obtained through wigs, fillers or hair extensions that give the hair a lush and full look.

At NHH you can undergo professional examination with advanced equipment, diagnosis and counseling on the most suitable treatment, , hair rehabilitation and retention treatments, hair growth promotion, hair transplant for women and men, eyebrow transplant, beard transplant all under one roof.

Contact: *8767 or on the Hebrew Website



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