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  • Talma Gotteiner

Nitzotzot: Jewelry with a Jewish Spark

Hi there,

I came across a lovely brand of Jewelry that I thought would be of interest to you. It's called 'Nitzotzot' (i.e. sparks) and it incorporates verses from the Torah and other Jewish texts into various pieces of Jewelry and Mezuzahs.

Doron Heifetz, the owner of the brand is a veteran goldsmith with a heart of gold. After studying at the 'Omanit' College of Jewelry in Israel and working for about 25 years in the industry, he opened his online website 'Nitzotzot'.

The idea behind 'Nitzotzot' came from his love of our Jewish heritage. His jewelry conveys messages of love, peace, various blessings and verses related to the land of Israel and Jewish culture. He even has a special 'Bar Mitzvah' medallion in which he inscribes the weekly Torah Portion of the child.

Personally, I loved his quote"Veahavta" (i.e. 'Love thy'), but chose a pendant of the Land of Israel with a quote from the Book of Genesis from one of the covenants that I thought was of a more unique design.

The jewelry pieces are made of silver alone or silver plated with 24 karat gold with a silk matte finish and laser cut inscriptions. You can have personalized wedding bands or pendants made for other occasions.

In terms of caring for the jewelry, it is important to avoid exposure to strong chemicals such as detergents, the pool or seawater, but you can shower in regular water with them and you can polish them as you do other silverware, if needed.

The Mezuzahs are made of oak wood from the Carmel mountain range in Israel and are handmade with gold plating. The scrolls within are obtained from a qualified Sofer Stam. Thus, they combine three elements: the Jewish Mitzvah or commandment that is required by Jewish law, the words of the Torah that they invoke and their physical casing, which is derived from the Land of Israel. Because they are handmade, each Mezuzah has a unique size and appearance.


The jewelry and Mezuzahs are purchased on the 'Nitzotzot' website. The pieces can also be shipped overseas using either a standard 10-day shipping or two-day express using DHL services.

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