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  • Talma Gotteiner

Ritco: Assorted Toys for Hannukah 2019

Hi there,

After attending a pre-Hannukah holiday exhibition of toys, I'd like to share with you a few more new toys that will be made available this year by the Israeli importer Ritco Ltd.


The Ritco company is launching 5 series of building blocks of the Chinese BANBAO company that are LEGO compatible including: a fire engine series, a police kit, race cars, urban vehicles and a TREND CITY series.

Each series contains several new models. There are fire stations, firefighters and rescue vehicles with a particularly large variety of parts, a police series that includes police stations, helicopters and rescue boats. Another, a new series of speed-​​racing racing cars for a motor experience. The series includes a variety of cars to assemble, car lift facilities, special tires for tire replacement, wheels and more. Banbau's urban series includes a variety of transport vehicles for the assembly of single and double-decker buses, state-of-the-art bus stations, gas stations with convenience stores and transport trucks.

The latest series is called Trend City and incorporates a host of cutting-edge models for the world of city and lifestyle. In the series you can assemble a theme park with a huge wheel, a dream villa with a swimming pool, cool shops and even a huge mansion from hundreds of parts.

The Banbao assembly games are Lego compatible, with a notable advantage in the amount of parts per kit, the variety of options and the price which is very attractive when compared to other assembly kits.

Age: Suitable for children aged 4 and up.

Price: 30-350 NIS depending on the size of the kit.

Available in various stores and chains including the Idan 2000, Red Pirate and Kfar Hashashuim chain stores in Israel.

Ritco: Assorted Toys for Hannukah 2019

New Balance Motorcyles by Polesie

Ritco company, an importer of the European brand POLESIE is launching a new series of balance motorcycles for children that are designed in the form of a sports motorcycle. The motorcycles are made of high quality plastic for children and are are lightweight and colorful. Riding them is done by maintaining equilibrium, which thanks to a wide wheelbase allows stability when riding.

The motorcyles come in three attractive new models: a police motorcycle, a fire fighter motorcycle and a unicorn motorcycle.

Age: Suitable for small children aged 2.5-4.5 years old.

Price 200-240 NIS to be obtained in selected stores and chains.

Ritco: Assorted Toys for Hannukah 2019


BUILD A BOT is a new series of sweet, easy-to-assemble, interactive robots that respond to the sound of hand clapping and to touch causing them to bounce, make sounds, run, dance or jump in a variety of sweet characters that boys and girls love.

The Ritco company is launching the new series of interactive robots including: a sweet unicorn, a puppy, a grasshopper, a fire ant, a dinosaur and a small tiger for assembly and play. Using smart sensors embedded in the toy, the sweet bots respond to hand-clapping or sound and immediately begin to jump, run, dance and make sounds and music.

The kit contains a selection of parts that actually make up the robotic figure. After the rather simple assembly is completed, the figure is designed using a selection of stickers for decoration. You can customize the color of the eyes you want, the feet and other various stickers for doll design. Once assembly is complete you can begin to play. Clap your hands and the robot will start to jump and dance. It will also touch its nose and start running.

The dolls come in three different sizes, and differ in the stunts they perform. In the small size (about 13 cm) the grasshopper and fire ant move back and forth and two toys can be attached to each other and actually create a centipede. The medium sized (13-15 cm) dolls will respond to the clapping of hands. Unicorns, tigers and puppies will not only jump to the sound of clapping but will also move if you stroke their noses. Last but not least, is the dinosaur (19 cm) that can easily turn into a dragon too.

The robots operate using a simple and light movement mechanism and sound and touch sensors. The robot doll operates on 3 AA batteries.

Age: Suitable for children aged 4 years and above.

Price: 80-160 NIS depending on the size in various chains and stores across the country.

Ritco: Assorted Toys for Hannukah 2019

Happy Hannukah!


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