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  • Talma Gotteiner

Roni Khan: The Winter Collection

Hi there!

Meet Roni Khan, a 27 year-old entrepreneur who after has swept through the Israeli malls with her beautiful everyday-wear jewelry stalls.

Roni Khan Jewelry

Above: Roni Cohen, owner of Roni Khan

The Roni Khan jewelry chain is currently launching their 2018/9 winter collection, which is based on jewelry from various designers from around the world.

The collection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, many of which can be combined into matching sets.

The styles are variable and include both classical designs that will always be fashionable along with trendy designs that generate an up-to-date look.

Roni Khan Jewelry

The jewelry is made of stainless steel, gold and silver, leather and imitation leather. The collections include hand-made items, gems and jewelry combined with zirconia.

The collection features oversize jewels, massive rings and earrings, asymmetrical jewelry that is always fashionable and geometric jewelry. The trend of glittering jewelry is also featured with a collection that includes both classic sets as well as oversized glacier necklaces. An autumnal influence of earth tones has also had an impact on the jewelry designs which combine the brown color that has emerged as the comeback of the season.

The youthful line is characterized by hoops, chokers, double and triple chains and a corner of eternal hearts.

Roni Khan Jewelry

As mentioned above, the jewelry chain is owned by Roni Cohen, a 27 year-old, who turned to the field of jewelry after completing both law and accounting studies. Roni noted that her vision is to enable woman of all ages to be able to choose a piece of jewelry that will look as if it was designed specifically for her, at an affordable price.

The item prices range from 50-400 NIS.

To be obtained at all branches of the RONI KHAN chain throughout the country: Azrieli Mall, Ayalon Mall, Rishon LeZion Zahav Mall, Rananim Mall Ra'anana, G Kfar Saba Mall, Givatayim Mall, Azrieli Mall and Azrieli Center and through her Hebrew Website. English speakers can call: 058-6922321.

Best, Talma

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