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  • Talma Gotteiner

Sharacocoa: Decadent Desserts by Delivery

Hi there,

I came across a wonderful delivery service that will enable you to hold a New Year’s Eve party to die for under lockdown, quarantine, siege or whatever else befalls you. It is totally instagrammable and goes very well with champagne.

‘Sharacocoa’ is the childhood nickname of Shiran Schaham, an Israeli pastry chef who studied confectionery at The Tadmor School of Hospitality and Cooking.

Sharacocoa: Decadent Desserts by Delivery
Sharacocoa's Cronuts

After working for several years in other bakeries, hotels and restaurants, she opened her own business with a lot foresight, if I may say. ‘Sharacocoa’ was established in 2014 as a freshly baked delivery service from its inception and long before the coronavirus pandemic.

The menu includes all the classic desserts that are staple bakery goods. The traditional European treats include: croissants, sfogliatelles, mille-feuille, savarinas, profiteroles, cannoli and macaroons. The American classics include: brownies, red velvet mini-cakes, personal apple pies, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, doughnuts and the fairly new classic ‘cronuts’. As Shiran explained, ‘Cronuts’ are a croissant pastry, filled with cream and fried in the shape of a doughnut.

You can order dessert boxes of your personal favorite or an assortment of desserts with prices ranging from 10-25 NIS per dessert with a minimum order as stated on her website.

Kosher Certificate

All the products are dairy and are Kosher Mehadrin certified under the supervision of Badatz of the Haredi Community and the Beit Dagan Rabbinate.

Purchasing with a Discount

The desserts are purchased on the ‘Sharacocoa’ website (to be linked). You are requested to order 48 hours in advance. All orders are freshly handmade. The order can either be picked up at Beit Dagan or delivered to any location in central Israel (Ashdod to Netanya and the Modi’in region).

Also, you can get a 10% discount code on my ‘Members Only’ page beforehand. If you aren’t a member, you’ll be directed to subscribe.

Happy New Year!


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