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Shomrat Hazorea: New Mattresses to Complement the Beds

Hi there,

One of the oldest furniture chains in Israel is now entering the field of mattresses. The Wissmann Holdings group, owner of the Shomrat Hazorea chain, is launching for the first time a new mattress series called "Impala". The Impala series was designed in Israel and is manufactured in Europe meeting the high quality standards of both regions.

The new mattresses will be offered for sale at the Shomrat Hazorea chain and on the Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection website at very attractive prices. In addition, during the launch period, the mattresses will be offered at unprecedented prices. Nahum and Aryeh Wissman, owners of The Wissmann Holdings Group, presented key features of the new mattresses at the launch event.

Aryeh and Nahum Wissmann, Shomrat Hazorea Impala Launch

Left to Right: Nahum and Aryeh Wissmann, Co-CEOs

The penetration of Shomrat Hazorea into the mattress field, completes the broad range of products that the furniture chain in Israel has to offer, and is a result of the management decision of the Wissmann Holdings Group to offer the Israeli customer a one-stop shop that offers the customer quality furniture for all parts of the house at attractive prices.

Nahum and Aryeh Wissmann explained that based on a market research and professional review of the field in Israel, they understood that most of the mattresses produced and marketed in Israel are manufactured according to the American system. However, after weighting the data, and to ensure the value for money aspect, they decided to manufacture their new line of mattresses in accordance with the European system. A cooperation agreement was signed with a leading company in Europe to create the new Impala mattress series that will be manufactured according to the exact specifications of Product Development Department of the "Wissmann Holdings" group.

Shomrat Hazorea Impala Mattress

The cooperation agreement with the production company from Spain, that also has an extension in Portugal, is an exclusive marketing agreement for Shomrat Hazorea in Israel for a period of 10 years with an option for extension. The factory produces 23 types of mattresses alongside mattresses made according to specifications of the customer. The plant has a capacity of production of 2,500 mattresses a day which are marketed throughout Europe and this is the first time that the factory is marketing outside Europe via shipment in containers.

The Impala series mattresses have unique features that make them attractive at the level of use and price, including:

  • The thickness of the mattresses that ranges from 24 to 29 cm, making them easier to clean compared to thicker mattresses that have an additional unnecessary sponge filling.

  • All mattresses meet the European and Israeli manufacturing standards.

  • Extra fast delivery times for the Impala Mattress series in Israel. Delivery of standard mattresses from the stock is within 10 days, and special orders within 60 days.

  • The mattresses can be customized at the level of their internal composition as well as the degree of soft or stiffness of the model.

  • As part of the warranty for the mattress, Shomrat Hazorea offers a significant advantage in terms of service and customer support. Every call to customer service related to mattress complaints will be handled by mattress replacement and not repair.

Wissman Holdings, Shomrat Hazorea Impala Launch

Left to Right: Kfir Wissmann, Aryeh Wissmann Co-CEO, Nahum Wissmann Co-CEO and Elon Wissman, VP Shomrat Hazorea

During the mattress launch period in Israel, the plant in Europe will support a policy of special penetration prices for the Israeli market through the Wissmann Group and the "Shomrat Hazorea" chain.

As stated above, the mattresses will be sold initially, in the "Shomrat Hazorea" store chain, and on the "Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection" website, and afterwards, wholesale to more than 100 stores throughout the country.

Sample prices:

  • The "Silver" mattress - An orthopedic mattress with isolated springs, 5 comfort zones and No Flip technology (i.e. no need to turn over the mattress) - 1,290 NIS instead of 2,700 NIS.

  • The "Gold" Mattress - An orthopedic mattress with isolated springs, 5 comfort zones and No Flip technology, plus a pampering Visko layer - 1,650 NIS instead of 3,425 NIS

  • The "Titanium" mattress - An orthopedic mattress with isolated springs, 5 comfort zones, No Flip technology, with 4 different variable polymer types and a latex indulgence - 1,790 NIS instead of 3,674 NIS.

  • The "Galaxy" Mattress - an orthopedic mattress with isolated springs, 5 comfort zones, No Flip technology and five types of double-sided polymer - on one side a Visko pampering layer, and on the other side a pampering latex layer - 1,990 NIS instead of NIS 3,180.

  • The prices refer to the classic 190X140 cm mattress and the price differences result from the internal composition and degree of softness of the model.

The "Dream" Sleeping Pillow The company is also launching the special "Dream" sleeping pillow, made from 100% Latex, made from natural rubber tree resin. The rubber resin is an elastic polymer composed of a subset of isoprene and contains a small amount of proteins, fats, sugars and minerals (without any synthetic materials). The penetration price of 2 pillows is: 299 NIS.

The New Industrial Center Recently, the largest new industrial center in Israel named after Leo Wissmann Wood Industries was launched by the Wissmann Holdings Group. The new industrial center at Bar-Lev Park near Karmiel is the most advanced industrial center in the Middle East, with a size of 7,700 m, built on a plot of about 12 dunams, which can accommodate about 250 containers [about 19,000 cubic meters] at an investment of $10M.

In the center there are various activity areas, including an assembly hall, a padding hall, storage halls, a showroom, a professional studio for photographing furniture for optimal illustration for the Group's customers, and a special area dedicated to the Group's fleet of trucks that distribute furniture to the Group's stores and chains throughout the country, including institutional projects and customers who order directly through the Net-Collection online store of "Shomrat Hazorea".

The new industrial center will support the distribution of the new Impala mattresses in Israel.

Shomrat Hazorea

Top Left: A piece from the online "Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection". The remaining photos are from the Shomrat Hazorea store on 15 Lekhi St. Bnei Brak.

The Wissmann Holding Group manages a number of companies, among which are "Shomrat Hazorea" and the "Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection" mentioned within this article. The original Wissmann Company was founded in 1932 by Leo and Yehudit Wismann, the founding generation that immigrated to Israel from Germany. Over the years, the company has supplied furniture to many homes in Israel before the establishment of the State of Israel and later to educational institutions, universities, hotels in Israel and around the world, as well as to the Prime Minister's residence, office buildings and embassies around the world. Today, the company's home store covers 3,000 sqm., the largest in Israel and the largest in Jerusalem, providing home furnishing solutions.

The "Shomrat Hazorea" furniture chain was purchased 20 years ago from the kibbutzim Shomrat and Hazorea. Today the chain has 10 large stores and is spread throughout Israel. It is one of Israel's oldest and leading furniture and interior design brands, offering a contemporary collection of furniture with a high level of design and quality of raw materials. It offers functional products including seating systems, dining areas, wall systems and living room tables, armchairs and general furniture.

The "Shomrat Hazorea Net Collection" is the online furniture shop - the most professional Internet furniture store in Israel that offers an exclusive website furniture collection.

Best, Talma

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