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  • Talma Gotteiner

SKY JUMP Ra’anana Park: A New Trampoline Attraction

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

It had been such a hot week that the invitation from the new indoor SKY JUMP trampoline attraction, was a lifesaver. I took my 12.5-year-old daughter and her friend and was pleased to see their initial reaction. We stepped inside and they both took in their breaths. A minute later they were both eagerly changing into the socks provided at the reception booth so that they could get into the rink. I just managed to get them to stop for registration of their birthdays in the visitors check in machine and a photo at the selfie booth.

Sky Jump Raanana Selfie Booth

As its name suggests, SKY JUMP, offers dozens of trampoline platforms allowing for free jumping and more coordinated jumping in specially designed jump areas. The variety of compounds includes: ‘Jampolina’ - a trampoline complex suitable for small children aged 3-6, ‘Foam Pit’ – a jump from the trampoline straight into a pool full of soft sponges, ‘Battle Beam’ - enter a "cushion fight" on a beam over a spongy pool, ‘Ninja’ – a challenging obstacle area; ‘Basketball’ - a basketball game on a trampoline that will allow you to dunk like a professional NBA player and ‘CageBall’ - a unique pairing game that combines volleyball, basketball and more.

Sky Jump Raanana Trampolines

The SKY JUMP trampoline attraction at Ra’anana Park is a new addition to the existing one in Tel-Aviv’s Port. The new Ra’anana Park includes a unique climbing wall complex, including 11 challenging walls with different difficulty levels and creative designs. The climbing walls are 6 meters high and include: ‘Speed Climb’ - a double wall with a time meter, which can accomodate two climbers simultaneously that compete with each other, ‘A Transparent Wall’ - on which you can climb on either side, facing, ‘Huge Cubes for Climbing’, ‘Wall tetris’, ‘Wall of Gears’; ‘A Big Ben London Tower’ wall and more each with its own design. The walls are suitable for climbing from the age of 5. Each climber is harnessed in a special harness, for maximum safety.

Sky Jump Raanana Wall Climbing

SKY JUMP also offers a short 7-D Cinema film that provides the kids with a fun break. The 7D-MAX is a powerful multi-sensory cinema that broadcasts high-quality 3D movies with chairs that move in sync with the movie plot and other thrilling sensory effects that enhance the experience such as: wind, rain, scents, tickling, smoke, lights and more. The cinema offers suspense films, action and more each lasting between 7-10 minutes.

Sky Jump Raanana 7D Cinema

The SKY JUMP compound has lockers for storage, a resting lounge that allows a comfortable viewing of the children’s activities, a birthday party room for private occasions and a snack bar. I don’t write prices because I don’t keep them updated, but they have a discount for the second hour and several combination tickets that include food.

Sky Jump Raanana Building

Open: Sunday - Thursday and Saturday: 9:00 - 22:00. Friday: 9:00 - 19:00.


SKY JUMP Ra’anana Park: 2 Ha’Yetzira St. Ra'anana.

SKY JUMP Tel Aviv Port: Building 19 (near Reebok).

Enjoy your summer!



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