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  • Talma Gotteiner

Sky Jump Trampoline Parks: Kids at Work

Hi there!

The summer vacation has begun and the kids are pining for some action. A wonderful solution that will work out some of that energy is a visit to one of SKY JUMP's challenging and air-conditioned trampoline parks. The Sky Jump parks offer a bouncy adrenaline-filled experience in a pleasant atmosphere and is suitable from ages 3 and up! I was invited with my 14.5 year-old daughter and her friend to try it out and they both had a great time.

Sky Jump Trampoline Parks: Kids at Work
Above: At Sky Jump Tel-Aviv Port

Sky Jump has two trampoline parks. One, in the Tel-Aviv port and one in Raanana. Both include various fun activity complexes, including dozens of trampolines and jumping complexes, a challenging ninja complex, climbing walls in a variety of designs and levels of difficulty, and a multi-sensory cinema.

You can purchase tickets for a specific day and jump time in advance on their website, allowing you to arrange a shared fun time with some friends or family. Moreover, only jumping participants are charged. Escorts are welcome to oversee them for free.

Coronavirus Safety Precautions

At Sky Jump, the instructions for the purple character are followed. Temperature is measured at the entrance and all employees wear a face mask. A distance of 2 meters between visitors is maintained by monitoring the number of people within the complex at the same time. Also, the climbing walls are not in use. During the summer vacation the parks will be open all week, from morning to evening, so that everyone can space out their visits and find a time that is convenient for them to arrive.

You will also be pleased to hear that the Sky Jump has hosted children of doctors, nurses and paramedics for free throughout June.

It is recommended to check for updates related to coronavirus guidelines on their Facebook page.


  • One-hour jump ticket from age 6 and up: 60 NIS.

  • For ages 3-6 - 40 NIS.

  • A multi-sensory cinema and a second hour ticket - 30 NIS (for ticket buyers, the price of the film is 20 NIS);

  • Jump socks that prevent slipping and maintain hygiene - 6 NIS.

Opening hours:

All days of the week: 10:00 - 21:00. In Raanana the park is open on Friday till 19:00.

Addresses: Tel Aviv Port, Building 19 (near Reebok) and 2 Hatzira St., Raanana.


It is recommended to book tickets in advance on the website to secure a place. You can purchase tickets on their Hebrew Website.



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