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  • Talma Gotteiner

Smart Toys for Hannukah 2019

Hi there!

BS Toys, an Israeli company that specializes in importing and marketing toys, is launching fun games for Hannukah!

Two new games from the SMART TOY brand entitled "Kesem Shel Sharsheret" and "3 Squared" develop memory, agility and fine motor skills and provide the children with plenty of hours of play and enjoyment.

The toys do not come with instructions in English. However, they are pretty much self explanatory and this article should provide any missing details.

Kesem Shel Sharsheret (i.e. Charming Chains)

A fun and creative game that includes a special device that creates custom-designed necklaces or bracelets! You insert colored rings (chain links) into the columns of your choice, push the button of the device and abracadabra ... out comes the chain of your design!

The links of the chain connect to each other inside the device and at the the length and colors that you chose . It is possible to create a variety of jewelry pieces from it: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins, rings and more. The game contains, in addition to rings in a wide variety of colors, also various pendants and clasps for making jewelry. Most importantly, the chain links are reusable.

Age: Suitable for ages 4 and up.

Price: 100 - 120 NIS.

Smart Toys for Hannukah 2019
Kesem Shel Sharsheret (i.e. Charming Chains)

Shalosh Baribua (i.e. 3 Squared)

A competitive and challenging thinking game, in which the 9 colored squares on the game board must be arranged in the same way as 9 squares that fell randomly after shaking. Move the squares on the board up, down, and sideways until you can create the same color configuration as the original set. The first one that finishes arranging the squares, lowers the frame onto the squares and announces victory!

The game contains: a box of cubes, 48 ​​colored squares, a game board and 2 cloth bags for storing the colored squares.

Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Price: 60 - 70 NIS.

Available in toy stores across the country.

Smart Toys for Hannukah 2019
Shalosh Baribua (i.e. 3 Squared)

Happy Hannukah!


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