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Summer Beauty Products

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Hi there!

Summer is coming and a few new products are on the market to help you cope with the harsh sun and maintain your fashionable appearance. I'd like to share with you the following:

  • New sunscreen products by 'Dr. Melumad'

  • New cosmetic products by 'Lavender'.

  • Trendy sunglasses by 'Optica Belisima'

New Sunscreen Products by Dr. Melumad

'Dr. Melumad' is an Israeli company specializing in unique plant-based skin products. The company was founded in 1979 by a third-generation pharmacist and a world-renowned researcher with over 50 years of experience in developing dermo-cosmetic formulations. The company is located in Beer Tuvia and has over 1200 products.

Now, Dr. Melumad's research and development labs have developed an advanced series of sun protection emulsions using PROTECT UV technology that combine ingredients for optimal protection against the strong sun radiation in Israel (both UVA and UVB), along with active natural ingredients that treat the skin and prevent signs of premature aging.

The protection against environmental and climate damage is achieved through a powerful anti-oxidant complex that helps neutralize free radicals preventing damage from air pollution, radiation, heat and dryness. The complex is combined with moisturizers and Vitamin E that aid in preventing dryness and restoring skin appearance.

The series includes 4 products that are available now at special introductory prices:

  • Sunscreen SPF25 in an economical family packaging, 250 mL (Summer Sale: 39.90 NIS).

  • Sunscreen SPF25 TOGO 60 mL | A small bottle to carry with you. (Summer Sale: 11.90 NIS)

  • After Sun skincare lotion in an economical family packaging, 250 mL (Summer Sale: 18.90 NIS).

  • After Sun TOGO skincare lotion, 60 mL | A small bottle to carry with you. (Summer Sale: 9.90 NIS)

The series is available at private pharmacies, perfumery, nature stores and the official Dr. Melumad website.

Summer Beauty Products
Credit: Product photo courtesy of Dr. Melumad's Studio

New Cosmetic Products by 'Lavender'

'Lavender' is an Israeli company located in Pardes Hanna-Karkur founded by a Chemical Engineer and a holistic therapist. As its name suggests it specializes in the manufacturing of cosmetic products based on 100% natural ingredients.

In light of the pending summer it is launching two sun protection preparations that correspond well with the brand values. Both products contain the only two mineral filters that the FDA has considered generally recognized as safe and effective for use in sunscreens, titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Neither contain SLS, petrolatum derivatives, preservatives or synthetic scents.

  • Mineral Natural Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF30, 30 mL (Price: 229 NIS). The product is based on red kelp and in addition to the mineral filters provides astaxanthin, an anti-inflammatory agent extracted from the algae whose antioxidant activity helps prevent skin aging leaving it elastic and soft. The cream provides protection at a much higher UVA radiation level than the standard requirements.

  • Mineral Tevasun Sunscreen Cream SPF50, 50mL (Price: 90 NIS). The product is a natural sunscreen free of chemicals, concentrated 5 times more than the corresponding products on the market that protects from UVA and UVB and is suitable for infants from the age of six months and up. The cream creates an almost completely transparent layer and is not visible on the skin of the body.

The "Lavender" products are fresh, meaning that they are manufactured in small quantities and are valid for 18 months from the date of manufacture. It is "fresh cosmetics" just like fresh and high quality food.

The "Lavender" products can be obtained at the "Lavender" stores at the Karkur factory shop, Sarona Center Tel-Aviv, Kfar Saba City Mall and on the official Lavender website.

Summer Beauty Products
Credit: Tom Langford

Trendy sunglasses by 'Optica Belisima'

The Israeli chain 'Optica Belisima' has opened the summer of 2020 with an exclusive franchise of five new international brands that will strengthen its position in the Israeli eyewear market. The collections create a fashionable differentiation compared to other local stores and will be marketed at all branches of the network and on the Optica Belisima website.

The new brands include:

  • EYEFUNC- A Dutch brand for lightweight eyewear. The frames are characterized by metallic models integrating a rubber that is very strong, yet soft and flexible. Thanks to the quality of the material it shapes itself to fit the head.

  • FREELAND - A Spanish brand that comes to us straight from enchanting Barcelona. This young creative brand, offers a variety of frames for prescription glasses and sunglasses in a variety of summer colors.

  • REWOP MILANO - An underground Italian brand for sunglasses, for a young consumer audience looking for special, fresh, energetic and powerful glasses. It is characterized by contemporary designs with semi-transparent colored lenses. The brand is considered especially popular among bloggers, models and fashion editors.

  • LITHE - Aesthetic and lightweight German designed frames made of very flexible and strong titanium and of good proportion. The anatomical fit is perfect for the face. The brand combines perfectly material and design. The result is something innovative and inspiring.

  • BETTY BARCLAY - considered one of the leading fashion brands in Germany. The collection features eyewear inspired by a lifestyle that embraces stylish sophistication and fashion expertise.

Summer Beauty Products
Credit: Rewop Milano taken by Eyal Keren



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