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  • Talma Gotteiner

Te: Premium Tea Packages for a Healthy New Year

Hi there,

In preparation for the holidays, the Te brand is presenting luxury holiday packages that will upgrade the holiday table with select eastern tea infusions.

A wonderful range of quality tea products made from the "plantation to the mug" method, with control and supervision of all stages of production, from selection of varieties, continued growing and manual harvesting, continued maturing and fermentation to packaging, shipping and direct marketing to the consumer. The Te brand products are a chance to get to know the original tea culture at its best and add serving accessories that stand out on the holiday table and add a lot of health for the new year.

Te: Premium Tea Packages for a Healthy New Year

Photo Credit: Moshe Cohen

The Basic Te Packages For those who want to purchase a modest, but quality gift full of aroma and taste, we recommend you choose a small tea pack that indulges you with an oolong tea blend (30 g) or green tea (20 g) plus a quality tea infuser made of stainless steel for only 60 NIS. For those who prefer tea bags, you can also choose from a variety of brand tea bags, including black, green, oolong, jasmine and Pu'er (a bag of 20 teaspoons weighing 50 grams) plus a double-glazed glass of tea that allows you to serve hot tea without feeling of heat from the glass at a symbolic price of only 89 NIS. Additionally, if you wish to indulge in a big treat - the Premium Tea Case awaits you with mixtures of oolong tea (100 g) or green tea (60 g) and a double glazed glass of tea for only 98 NIS with the option of adding a tea infuser at 25 NIS.

The Traditional Trio of Te If you want to diversify and experience Chinese tea tradition at its best, the traditional trio package is the right choice, with three types of tea for you to choose from out of the following: black tea, green tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea and Pu'er. To complete the experience you can also add a tea infuser at only 25 NIS. The price of the trio set without the infuser is 139 NIS.

The Jasmine Te Package A luxurious 100g aromatic jasmine tea box, which comes with a 600mL rounded glass teapot in accordance with the tea serving tradition. A blend suitable for hot or cold tea, with a calming effect and a variety of health values, with a subtle aroma. Price: only 149 NIS.

The White Te Package For those who want to surprise your loved ones with an original and lesser known tea in Israel, you are invited to order the white tea package. This unique tea is a quality tea that comes in ready-made balls that keep the leaves intact and ready for steaming. They are also particularly suitable for serving cold tea. The package contains 150g of white tea blend (25 balls) and a 600mL rounded glass teapot in accordance with the tea serving tradition. Price: 189 NIS.

The Te Teapot Gift Box For those who want to get a closer taste of the Chinese tea tradition, it is worth checking out the traditional trio package that includes 3 tea blends of your choice from: black, green, oolong, jasmine and Pu'er tea alongside a 600mL glass teapot for only 200 NIS.

Te On the Road And if you want to equip your loved ones with a practical package suitable for travel, picnics and camping, you should consider the traditional trio package that includes 3 tea blends to choose from black, green, oolong, jasmine and Pu'er plus a unique thermos for impeccable quality tea, at only 210 NIS.

And guess what; there is the option of assembling a customized tea package.

The Te products can be ordered through the English Website Order Products at 052-4200203 More details by email:

Happy Holidays! Talma

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