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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv: Tik HaTikim is Back!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Hi there,

Tik HaTikim, the largest and oldest chainstore for luggage and fashionable purses and wallets for women and men, has returned to Tel-Aviv after 7 years of absence from the city opening it's two latest stores in Dizengoff Center, Tel-Aviv and in the new Cinema City Mall in Beer Sheva.

With the opening of the two branches in Dizengoff Center and the Cinema City Mall in Beer Sheva, the chain will have a total of 26 branches across the country.

Tel-Aviv: Tik HaTikim is Back!
Left to Right: Shy me hiding behind the suitcases, Co-owners Yuval Bentov and Eli Kenigsberg extend their welcome to you.

Yuval Bentov, CEO and co-owner of the chain said during the launch in Tel-Aviv that after 7 years he believed that the new location that they have found in Tel-Aviv will be a successful addition to the chain. Moreover, he promised that as with all the chain's stores, the new store, as all the others will contain all the luggage of the leading brands in the market and will be sold alongside the fashion and work bags, and accessories for women and men.

He then proceeded to show us some of the unique designs that they hold in their stores including a duffel bag that folds into a small purse sized bag, a knapsack made to fit into an airplane's overhead storage bin and a suitcase that folds into a thin sliver that is easy to store at home.

Tel-Aviv: Tik HaTikim is Back!
Clockwise from top left: Eye catching wallets for ladies, the carrier sized knapsack, the foldable suitcase and the foldable duffel bag.

Moreover, if you're asking what color wallets are fashionable today? The answer is easy: any bright color of your choice. The wallets are made in practical eye catching colors making them easy to find inside your purse.

They're having a 25% off sale for Election Day (March 2nd, 2020). For example, a limited edition of the "Schlesinger" Barcelona mega-light suitcase (small suitcase 1.8 kg, medium 2.2 kg, large 28 kg) will cost respectively: 299 NIS (instead of 399 NIS), 411 NIS (instead of 549 NIS) , 486 NIS (instead of 649 NIS) in all its branches. The prices do not include multiple promotions!



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