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The Samsung Tel-Aviv 2021 Marathon in Digital Format

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Hi there,

Today, Tuesday, February 2, 2021, a digital launch event was held in preparation for the Samsung Tel Aviv 2021 Marathon, the largest sports event in Israel to be held by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality starting February 19, 2021.

The Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon has become a tradition in Israeli sports. This year, the 13th marathon in number will be held in a digital form adapted to the spirit of the time. The slogan this year accordingly is "All Running Together Separately". The marathon will include the the following tracks: a full marathon (42.195 km), a half marathon (21.1 km), a 10 km race and a 5 km race. Race start times will take place at 6:30 a.m.

For the first time, the Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon can be run from anywhere in the world. The marathon app described below has been adapted for English speakers so that each participant, will have the opportunity to download the app and run in his/her country of residence together and at the same time as the runners in Israel. Kits have been shipped to 33 countries around the world including: Netherlands, Sweden, India, UAE, USA, England, Chile, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Mexico, France, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and more.

WHEN UPDATED: Feb 19-28th, 2021

Although originally intended only for February 19th, 2021 the marathon has been extended and the app will be open till Feb 28th, 2021.

The Samsung Tel-Aviv 2021 Marathon in Digital Format
Credit:Ronen Topelberg Kapaim Active & Samsung Marathon.Left:Ofer Sheetrit,Ronen Salem,Ofir Vagman & Uri Shefi

The press conference was conducted by Ofir Vagman, Deputy Director of the Tel Aviv - Jaffa Municipality Sports Authority and Director of the Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon, Ronen Salem, VP Marketing, Samsung Israel, Uri Shefi a participant in the initial 1981 Tel Aviv Marathon and Ofer Sheetrit, Director of Kapaim (KPM) Active, the company producing the marathon event.

The launch event of the Samsung Tel Aviv 2021 Marathon began with a filmed greeting from Tel Aviv-Yafo Mayor Ron Huldai who encouraged all the parties involved: "If there is anything that people insisted on during the corona months, it is a healthy and enjoyable sports routine. A great platform for tens of thousands to maintain their health as well as sanity.Tel Aviv-Yafo is one of the first cities in the world to hold a digital marathon, as befits a city that is the start-up city of the start-up nation."

Ronen Salem, VP Marketing, Samsung Israel stated: “Samsung Israel is proud to lead for the eighth year the largest sporting event in the country, and especially in this complex year. The existence of this year's marathon, in its digital and innovative form, symbolizes more than anything else our victory as a society and community over the limitations of the period. This year all the marathon participants will run alone, but as together as possible, using an innovative app that will allow any runner who wants to reach the limit of his/her ability and win. I wish success and health to all participants."

Professor Roni Gamzo, Director of Ichilov Hospital and former Coronavirus Project Coordinator who is also participating in the marathon this year, also sent a recorded greeting that was presented at the press conference: "Hello everyone, I am looking forward to February 19th. I call on anyone who loves running to join and do what we all love to do. We are in the initial processes of getting back to our normal routine with more and more people being vaccinated. We know and understand more about the coronavirus and most importantly, we all want to get back to living life as we know it. Let's go forward, all together, carefully, safely and with full understanding and control over our actions. What matters is what we aim toward, getting back to a routine of running, of sports, of maintaining our lives and our health."

The 2021 marathon will be attended by over 20,000 participants from 33 countries around the world. This year, there has been an increase in the percentage of women participating in the marathon. About 45% of all runners this year are women, compared to 41% in 2020.

This year, a dedicated app was developed through which the traditional race launch ceremony will be broadcast after which an interactive measurement of the track and running time will be enabled. The app also features a unique playlist, encouraging messages sent at key milestones and the possibility of sharing with other participants. In addition, the app will generate a personalized graduation certificates upon completion of the race.

As part of the marathon and in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the Director of the Ir Olam (World City) and Tourism task force, a challenge will be held between the participants from around the world, under the title "Feet Abroad, Heart in Tel-Aviv Challenge". As part of the challenge, each participant will send a creative and original photo or video from their place of residence during the run. The best photo or video will award the winner a double flight ticket to Tel Aviv and entry into next year's Samsung Marathon Tel-Aviv 2022 race.

As in every year, the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo is decorating the city for the marathon. This year four gates have been erected in central locations around the city located in Ganei Yehoshua Park, Tel Aviv Port, Charles Clore Park and Rothschild Boulevard, corner of Habima Square, to celebrate the event.


Registration to the marathon will close on February 13th. For registrants, runner kits will be distributed at 20 different centers around the country to allow runners to collect the kits easily and conveniently. The runner kit includes over 20 items, including: a drawstring bag, an official marathon running shirt, a personal chest number, a medal, a finisher sticker and a variety of treats and gifts from the sponsors.

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As mentioned above, although originally intended only for February 19th, 2021 the marathon has been extended and the app will be open till Feb 28th, 2021.

Here is a photo from the first runners who started on Feb 19th.

The Samsung Tel-Aviv 2021 Marathon in Digital Format
Credit: Ronen Topelberg, Kapaim Active and Samsung Tel-Aviv 2021 Marathon



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