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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tiltan: Triangular Dominos

Hi there,

Tiltan Learning Kits Ltd., is an Israeli company that specializes in the development, production and marketing of mind games and educational learning kits for children in the fields of mathematics, geometry, science and more. The games are developed with the aim of creating quality games that combine learning with hands on experience and fun play. The games are a success in Israel, Germany, Switzerland and more.

Tiltan Learning Kits: Triangular Dominos
Credit: Tiltan's Image

Triangular Dominos The games - "Triangular Dominoes up to 12" and "Triangular Dominoes up to 20" contain triangular dominoes (instead of the familiar rectangles), whose special shape allows for multi-directional play. Like all dominoes, triangular dominoes are also social and competitive games.

Matching the triangles to each other is done in three directions, each in different ways. The dominos can be paired by matching the number on one triangle to the number of items on another, by matching the number on one triangle to the solution of a math exercise on another, by adding or subtracting the total number of points on a dice illustration that appears on a triangle to the number of items on another, by matching the number of items to the solution of a math exercise and more.

The games encourage practice of varied arithmetic operations (up to 12, or up to 20), agility of thought, visual acuity and spatial vision, speed of response, hand agility and motor capabilities. You can play dominoes on several levels. Each game is designed for a different age group. The games are offered in convenient and compact packaging.

Each game contains 30 domino triangles made of thick, hard cardboard in a convenient size for handling.

The games are suitable for 1-4 players, from 4 years and up (triangular dominoes up to 12) or 6 years and up (triangular dominoes up to 20).

Price: 35 NIS.

The games can be purchased from Tiltan's Hebrew Website with home delivery. You can also surprise a family member or friend, and send it directly to their home.

Best, Talma

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