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  • Talma Gotteiner

Top Cinema: A New Complex for Smart Home Solutions, Sound Equipment and Luxury Home Appliances

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In the last decade since businessman Liran Inbar opened Top Cinema, the company has become a leader in smart home, audio and video systems, control systems and more. He is now launching the first complex of its kind in the country, combining the world of smart home and sound with luxury home appliances.

Ten years ago, Liran Inbar decided to channel 20 years of professional experience into an innovative business and started Top Cinema. Since its inception, Top Cinema has become Israel's leading company in the design and execution of smart homes, control systems, security solutions and audio-video systems. The complex offers creative solutions based on a wide range of technological devices, from the best in Israel and worldwide designed for the home, work space and public spaces.

Top Cinema: A New Complex for Smart Home Solutions, Sound Equipment and Luxury Home Appliances

Above: Liran Inbar with some of the controls in the sound room

Liran decided to open the new year with the launch of the new display complex at 13 Lehi Street, Bnei Brak the first of its kind in the country to combine the world of smart home solutions, sound equipment and luxury home appliances.

In the new showroom you will find an endless variety of top design solutions for architects, interior designers and end customers for design of a smart home, audio - video equipment, high end appliances and more.

Top Cinema's new concept is an experiential complex that provides a setting for display of the world's leading brands including: Miele, De Dietrich and Gorenje all of which combine, without exception, advanced unique technology with outstanding meticulous design by international designers.

Top Cinema: A New Complex for Smart Home Solutions, Sound Equipment and Luxury Home Appliances

Above: Liran Inbar standing near the kitchen appliances and sound equipment

The company's advanced service is based on the best professionals, who accompany the client from the planning stage to the successful execution of the project. Top Cinema has first-rate experienced professionals working on planning, consulting, installing, supervising and providing support services, all under one roof. This is true for a wide variety of both complex and simple projects, including private homes, luxury apartments, restaurants, shops, boutique hotels and more.

The new display area spans 150 square meters and features an attractive bar, designed spaces that showcase the best brands of high-end electrical products, a special sound room with a display of advanced audio-video systems and more.

Top Cinema Display Complex: 13 Lehi St., Bnei Brak Hours: Sun-Thurs 8:30-19: 00; Fri 8:30-14:00.

Shana Tova! Talma

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