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  • Talma Gotteiner

Toyrrific: Lots of New Toys for the High Holidays 2019

Hi there,

I am happy to share some of the new toys that will be available in Israel for the upcoming high holidays from a toy exhibition that I attended.

Toyrrifik is a new company for import and marketing of toys that was established about a year ago by Eliav Pazmoni and Omri from the Diamant family of Diamant Toys.

The company is engaged in importing, marketing and distributing popular global brands such as: Cry Babies, Scruff a Luvs and several others that have not yet been imported to Israel. It is headed by Eliav Pazmoni, 45, married + 3, with over 20 years of experience in importing toys and baby products to Israel.

Toyrrific enjoys international ties and promises to bring the greatest hits to Israel.

New!! - MAGNETICS - The game that will magnetize you.

A variety of magnetic assembly kits for different ages - 18 months, 2+, 3+ hours that can fill hours of play.

There are farm animal and jungle animal kits and even vehicle kits with different types for the various toddler ages. A hidden magnet system makes assembly easy and fun!

The different products can be mixed to create endless original combinations. The kids can assemble, mix and unload them again and again! The game assists in motor development. Recommended Consumer Price - Starting at 149.90 NIS.

Toyrrific: Lots of New Toys for the High Holidays 2019

Above: Eliav Pazmoni, CEO showing one of the Magnetics assembly kits

New!! - FISHER PRICE - The leading brand for children's development toys A variety of musical instruments, microphones and musical mats for hours of fun and development of fine and gross motor skills, creativity, imagination and thinking ability. Play freely or listen to the built-in tunes. There are instruments for different ages - 2+, 3+. Recommended retail price - 39.90 NIS

Toyrrific: Lots of New Toys for the High Holidays 2019

New!! - CAPSULE CHIX - Unique and super fashionable dolls The new craze that has conquered the world allows you to assemble and customize a unique and cool fashion doll! The dolls have 14 moving parts for perfect positioning. Assemble, adjust and mix the pieces for special and different styling each time.

The capsules are packed in boxes similar to vending machines, containing 5 surprising capsules that contain a variety of fashionable accessories. All you need to do is turn the dial and take out a surprise capsule. You can mix and match the different collections that offer over 4 billion fashion combinations across the full range.

The capsules can be returned to the box for rediscovery. Simply disassemble the doll, return the capsules, re-arrange them in the box and turn the dial again. Recommended retail price - 99.90 NIS

Toyrrific: Lots of New Toys for the High Holidays 2019

New!! - PIKMI POPS A new series of fragrant, soft, and especially surprising dolls in a variety of colors and shapes. The dolls are hidden in a variety of surprising sweets. Just when you think you've purchased a lollipop, ice cream, or doughnut, you'll be surprised to find a fragrant and charming doll inside.

You won't know who's hiding within until you open the packaging. Enjoy collecting all the Pikmi Pops dolls. Recommended retail price - 39.90 NIS

Toyrrific: Lots of New Toys for the High Holidays 2019

New!! - LUCY THE DOG - Now in Hebrew !!! Lucy, the most obedient puppy, knows how to do more than ever! She barks, sniffs, kisses and can even sing and dance in a variety of styles! She sings, dances and responds to 20 Hebrew voice commands. Lucy will do everything she is bidden when her name is called. She knows how to stretch before the show, dance in different styles, or sing and then thank the audience.

She has an interactive mode through an app that you can use to make Lucy dance in new styles or create your own dance. The app is free and is available for iPhones and Android devices from the regular app vendors (Apple Store and Google Play). Recommended retail price - 359.90 NIS

New!! - FANFIGZ - Football Figures Collectible figures about 12 cm high of the world's leading, most famous and beloved football players - Messi - the world's best player, Mbappé and the rest. Each player comes with a ball he can kick and a stand. Recommended retail price from 69.90 NIS.

Toyrrific: Lots of New Toys for the High Holidays 2019

New!! - SAVTA SOREGET (i..e CAT'S CRADLE) The original Cat's cradle is available in rainbow colors. Over 45 possible shapes, from the classic mug shape to the amazing Jacob or parachute ladder that allow you to "leave the screens" and return to the classic fun games.

Play alone or with friends, take it anywhere - it's addictive, it's satisfying and most of all it's a lot of fun! For tutorials and other forms, go to the English Website Recommended retail price 9.90 NIS

Toyrrific: Lots of New Toys for the High Holidays 2019

CRY BABIES- New characters!! Baby dolls with a unique design that cry with "real" tears and provide a more realistic playing experience of baby care. The doll cries and makes baby noises. Give her a pacifier so you can relax.

The babies come in cute onesies. Lady is in a beetle onesie, Dotty is in a Dalmatian design and Nala in a tiger outfit.

Recommended retail price - from 199.90 NIS

Happy Holidays!


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