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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tzabari Orly Farm: Organic Sabra Fruit Products

Hi there,

The Tzabari Orly Farm is located in the Negev and is the largest red sabras farm in the Middle East, specializing in the cultivation of unique sabras on a global scale that are protected by a patent.

It was established in 1992 and specializes in an organic growing method that enables consumers to enjoy produce that is free of pesticides and chemicals.

The farm is now launching a series of new products made from the sabra fruit. The three described here are:

  • A new Spicy Sabra Salad made from the branches of the sabra.

  • A Sabra Zhug that is a special version of the flavorful Yemenite hot sauce.

  • A red and/or yellow Sabra Confiture + a bonus recipe

All are made from red sabra fruit and/or branches grown on the organic Sabra farm.

Spicy Sabra Salad The new spicy sabra salad is made mainly from the sabra branches. The taste of the sabra branch is a neutral taste of a vegetable slightly salty and slightly sour (due to the characteristic of desert plants to store salt).

However, the nutritional contribution of the branches is of no less importance. The mucus, which is also found in the fruit, is used as a dietary fiber. The branch of the sabra is of perfect consistency and taste for the salad and also cooks well similar to any vegetable like green beans or spinach. When it enters our digestive system, it acts as a sponge that attaches to the sugars, carbohydrates and cholesterol.

The sabra first arrived in Israel about 300 years ago, the Turks used it for planting living fences and about 500 years ago it arrived in Spain from Mexico. Although in Mexico they eat the fruits and branches together, in the Mediterranean region it is still not common practice to eat the branches of the sabra in their natural form.

The Spicy Sabra Salad, contains 72% sabra branches and comes in a 350 gram jar. The spicy sabra salad has many uses. It blends well with fish, chicken and beef dishes. It is excellent for spreading on breads and sandwiches, in combination with vegetables and other flavors. It is recommended to mix with cheese, tahini or mayonnaise to get a particularly tasty spread.

It is recommended to keep the salad in a dark and dry place until opening. After opening it should be kept in the refrigerator.

Spicy Sabra Salad - Tzabari Orly Farm

Sabra Zhug The sabra zhug, is made of 60% sabra branches and comes in a 350 gram jar. The sabra zhug has many uses. It is recommended for seasoning of dishes. It can be added to spreads and salads and is used as a substitute for other spices. It can be combined with chickpeas, tahini and hummus. The zhug adds hot, piquant flavors and aroma to the variety of flavors and foods in our daily menu.

Sabra Zhug - Tzabari Orly Farm

Red/Yellow Sabra Confiture The confiture is made of 68% sabra fruit and comes in a 350 gram jar. It has many uses in the kitchen. It is recommended as an excellent sandwich spread, as an addition to yogurt adding sweetness and color and even as an addition to meat dishes for the flavor and aroma.

It is important to keep the confiture in a dark and dry place until opening. After opening it should be kept in the refrigerator.

Red/Yellow Sabra Confiture - Tzabari Orly Farm

A Confiture Recipe If you like confitures, the experts at the Tzabari Orly Farm have prepared a complete guide to making homemade confiture from any fruit.

Choose a fresh fruit like a canteloupe melon, sabras or green grapes that will always produce amber jams. Add sugar in a 1:1 ratio (e.g. 1 kg fruit + 1 kg sugar). Take into consideration that sugar likes to climb and foam, so use the largest pot you will find.

It is very important to stir every few minutes especially towards the end when there is not much liquid left. When a foam rises, remove it because it encourages additional foaming.

Note that the more pectin the fruit has and the thinner the cut, the shorter the cooking time of the confiture. The intensity of the flame and the size of the pot affect the preparation times. It is recommended to rely on a thermometer and use the times in the recipe that you follow only as general guidelines.

Once the thermometer reaches 105 degrees celsius, remove the pot from the stove. The confiture will solidify upon cooling.

After cooking, pour into sterilized jars and immediately close the lid. It is recommended to place the empty jars in an oven heated to 160 degrees for 10 minutes in order to sterilize them and prolong the life of the jam.

As part of the efforts to keep the jam free of bacteria, pour the jam when boiling into a jar and turn it upside down on its lid so that it cools and creates a vacuum. It can stay up to a year outside of the refrigerator. However, it is recommended that jam with a low sugar content be kept in the refrigerator.

What is the difference between jam and confiture? Jam contains at least 35% fruit, while confiture contains at least 45% fruit.

The Tzabari Orly Farm The Tzabari Orly Farm, near Dimona, is the largest sabra breeding farm in Israel and the Middle East.

The farm has over 1,100 dunams of patented varieties, developed by Israel, in 6 spectacular colors. Orly has a research and development unit for the food industry.

The farm fulfills Ben-Gurion's vision to settle in the desert. It uses millions of cubic meters of reclaimed water (recycled and purified) to irrigate the orchard, and develops unique fruit varieties.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: All products are kosher under the supervision of the Gilboa Regional Rabbinate. PRICE: 25 NIS per jar. When you purchase over 50 NIS, the shipment is free. ONLINE PURCHASING: The products can be obtained at the ranch website

Best, Talma

Photography Credit: Shira Raz

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