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  • Talma Gotteiner

VOX: A New Furniture Brand in Israel

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VOX is a Polish furniture brand of about 30 years. It is sold in over 50 countries including the US, Russia, Australia and Taiwan as an online shopping platform and now also in Israel. The products are developed by multidisciplinary teams including designers, psychologists, anthropologists, and sociologists in an effort to develop comprehensive interior design solutions.

The chain offers designed furniture solutions for all rooms in the house, bedrooms, living room, with an emphasis on baby and children's rooms, designed accessories, lighting fixtures, decorative and art objects, for a stylish and inviting look.

It started about 4 years ago when Jan, the owner, an official importer of the brand's quality polymer wall cladding decided to expand the collaboration and increase the product range also for furniture and design solutions. The first store in Israel was opened in May 2020, in the middle of the Coronavirus situation.

VOX: A New Furniture Brand in Israel
Credit: Courtesy of VOX


The furniture is characterized by a very practical, clean and classic design. The brand offers a variety of products to suit a large range of spaces and uses. These include: children's and babies' rooms, rooms for teenagers, open work spaces and office furniture, luxury furniture for conference rooms, revolutionary design solutions for the home living room, bedrooms with advanced storage solutions, all in addition to the special wall coverings and waterproof parquet floors in models of wood and concrete and complementary accessories.

Another unique concept of the brand is the tailor made manufacturing. You can order each piece of furniture according to your preference and design. For example, if you order a chest of drawers, you will choose the color of the outer shell, the color of the drawers, the type of legs and even the handles, so that you become the designers of your home.

VOX: A New Furniture Brand in Israel
Credit: Courtesy of VOX

Another advantage is the versatility of the furniture uses. For example, a baby's changing table with drawers comes with a diaper tray with high sides on it to keep the baby from falling. The tray can be removed as the baby grows. It is a functional piece of furniture that changes its purpose and can be used by the baby during the first 5 years of its life. Another example is a bedroom dresser that can instantly becomes a desk. They also have a dining table that opens for a large number of diners and is designed with a socket in the middle, running along its entire length where you can place candles, flower arrangements or special dishes that is both attractive and convenient. The round coffee tables grow into dining tables. Also in the children's rooms, there is a magnetic checkerboard that can serve as a closet door allowing the children to play and their high beds are designed to use the space underneath either for various storage solutions or as a play area, special and different storage solutions.

Women in general, but especially pregnant women, before and after childbirth can find special design solutions at attractive prices. At VOX you can buy a full nursery that includes a bed, closet and changing table for only 4,000 NIS. At VOX you can purchase and save the room for the moment of birth for immediate delivery, as well as plenty of accessories to complete the look. The products are non-toxic and meet international and Israeli standards.


Another unique feature sets them apart from their competitors is the Vox Box app. It's a virtual reality (VR) system that is provided as a free service to their customers. Anyone can enter the app and furnish the spaces of their home with VOX furniture and accessories according to their taste. With the help of special glasses that are in the store, anyone can see the space that he/she designed in three dimensions and determine exactly what their room will look like in the house. Jan and the team are there to advise and help the customers to identify effective design solutions that are most suitable for their needs. The service is FREE.


VOX provides a winning combination of useful and functional furniture, uncompromising quality of raw materials, a high quality finish and affordable and super attractive prices. On the website and in the brand catalog you can see and order the full range of options.

Main showroom: VOX Ben Zion Gliss 18 Petah Tikva M Center Complex.

Open: 10:00-19:00.

For reservations and contact call 054-3434068.



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