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  • Talma Gotteiner

Yalula: Creative Kits for Children

Hi there,

Get to know the brand that is capturing the Israeli kids! YALULA provides you with a creative family experience that connects you to childhood.

The wonderful and most memorable moments of our childhood are the ones we spent playing games we created for ourselves. This is how we found ourselves building a tent from a few sheets and chairs in the center of the living room, creating a house for insects from sticks we found in the field, sculpting in dough and making sand castles with mom and dad. The simplest games are the ones that ignite the imagination and invite your hands to touch, assemble and play and stay with you forever.

Fond memories of a magical moments, of connecting with her girls and creating a happy experience are the values ​​that led Zohar Sharbaf, the Yalula brand developer, to produce assembly and creation kits, 3D greeting cards and self-assembly products from basic and natural materials, such as wood and cardboard.

Yalula: Creative Kits for Children

Photo Credit: Adi Shoval Smaja

Yalula's wooden and cardboard products are designed to be assembled by children and encourage creativity allowing adults to connect to the children's world. Among the games you will find a variety of three-dimensional animal-shaped greeting cards, a variety of animal-shaped boxes made of cardboard and wood with or without wheels, that provide the child with a whole world of development and creation. The kits are fun packages to give as a gift and include the set up of an animal farm with a tractor, animals, trees and a shed. All brand products emphasize environmental values ​​and are made of consumable materials. In their design and material simplicity they encourage freedom of imagination and creativity, while developing thinking and fine motor skills.

Yalula provides you with opportunities to keep your children entertained, especially during the summer months, on flights and on family trips: with three-dimensional, self-assembled, animal-shaped greeting cards. Greeting cards come with a matching envelope and assembly instructions.

Prices are: 22 NIS per unit (4 packs of animals 65 NIS and a box of 12 animals at 132 NIS). You can also expand the game box with creatures that have wooden wheels (giraffe, rhinoceros, elephant and deer), which come in a designed natural canvas bag (90 NIS per bag with 2 animals). There are also packs of 3 animals out of 12 wood animals to choose from that do not have wheels that also come in a natural and designed canvas bag (90 NIS per bag with 3 animals). Finally, there is a rich animal farm that comes in a trendy and surprising canvas backpack with a tractor, trees, shed, and 13 animals, that the children are welcome to assemble and create for themselves (farm price 330 NIS). A special pack of 7 animals for cardboard assembly or a 6 pack of cardboard assembly with wheels are 90 NIS. All products come with assembly instructions and are manufactured from materials that protect the environment.

All products priced at 90 NIS can be purchased for 2 at 160 NIS. The products are available in stores all over the country and through the Yalula Hebrew website. Mobile: 052-8337931 (telephone answering hours from 9am to 6pm), Email:

Happy Holidays! Talma

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