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Central Arava: Southern Hanukkah Activities 2021

Hi there,

The Central Arava Regional Council Tourism is inviting the public to celebrate Hanukkah in the Arava region with multiple festive activities for the whole .family.

Central Arava: Southern Hanukkah Activities 2021
Credit: Bein Ha'Shitin Farm

Eco-Art Festival in the Ecological Village of Tzukim

This festival is a celebration of performances and ecological art in the Middle Arava for the whole family, on Friday, December 3, from 10:00 to 16:00. Ecological art workshops of the village artists. Artist Dalia Matmon in unique wooden games for all ages. Yolanda de Miao in a Theater Workshop. The Young Wizard's Workshop. A show combining puppets and songs, a show from the work of singer and composer Arik Einstein "Mr. and Mrs. Chocolate". All activities and workshops are free. For details.

Plays for Children at the “Vidor Center – Window to Agriculture” in Hatzeva

The Vidor Center offers multi-sensory tours, including a three-dimensional film, entry to the Arava crop greenhouses, theater performances related to settlement and agriculture in the Arava and a visit to an intriguing interactive-experiential space where you can get to know fish and bees up close and experience an illustration of the prairie soil conditions in an interactive and vivid way that allows the visitor to build mountains, dig ditches and streams and rain down thereby learning about the water and soil challenges that exist in the prairie. The tours in the center are suitable for all ages and for a wide range of visitors. The place is accessible to people with disabilities and is bilingual in Hebrew and English. The activity takes place Sunday-Saturday 10:00-16:00. The tours leave until 13:00.

For reservations 052-8666114 and information.

Hanukkah Festival and a Jimbo Jay Show at Porat Beehive, Ein Yahav

Throughout the holiday, the apiary will offer activities for the whole family: "Find the Bee’s Treasure" at a cost of 25 NIS, making wax candles, tours of the bee museum and the transparent beehive at no cost, art corners and more. While the kids are active, the parents can enjoy a bar with drinks and light food, good music and a pleasant atmosphere! Special events include:30/11/2021 - Hanukkah Fair at Porat Beehive – Stalls on the lawn of useful art and local food stalls, pizza and cold beer from the bar!02/12/2021 - Jimbo Jay is coming again to perform at Porat Beehive in a celebration of hip hop and Spoken Word (spoken singing), acoustic arrangements and loads of groove. Reservations through the Porat Beehive website in Ein Yahav!03/12/2021 – A Food Market in Porat apiary - start the weekend with good eats, music, meat, donuts, honey, pizzas and more.

For reservations: 058-5666032.

Lantern tour to the Nabataean Fortress ‘Khan Mor - Moa’ with Esti Hirsch from the village of Tzofar

Esti Hirsch, a veteran guide from the Tzofar settlement in the Central Arava region, will guide an evening tour to the Moa Fortress on the Nabataean Spice Road, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The meeting place is at the entrance to Tzofar and from there you will drive in a convoy. From the parking lot, there is a short walk towards the fortress, during which you will feel the desert and get to know the animals according to the footprints that are seen on the way.When it gets dark, you’ll light lanterns and will look for a "treasure" according to a Nabataean riddle, hear a story, learn about the constellations and more. The tour starts at 16:30 and lasts about two hours. The cost of the tour is 650 NIS per person (in a group of up to 20 people).

For reservations: 052-4260586

Night Workshops for Lighting Fires and Ancient Crafts with Ben Fritel, from Moshav Idan

Ben Fritel from Moshav Idan combines night tours with workshops for learning ancient crafts and skills that include: lighting fires, tracking and identifying traces of desert animals and plants, using raw materials from the immediate area, movement according to lunar cycles, tracing desert tracks and paths as well as sensory activities. The cost depends on the number of participants, duration and location. In addition, you can stay in a real Bedouin encampment that is set up per invitation throughout the Arava, combining workshops and trips in the desert.

For reservations: Ben Fritel - 'Nature of Things' - 053-6282481.

Artistic 3D Light Gel Dessert Workshop in Ein Yahav

Orit Avivi from Ein Yahav, invites you to a unique, fun and delicious experience in the heart of the desert, at 'Studio Jellor', unique workshops for designing gel desserts in a huge variety of flavors, aromas and spectacular colors. During the workshop, you will learn about the properties of the gel and experience many techniques of color combinations and the imaginative creation of three-dimensional decorations with transparent tools. The workshop lasts about an hour and a half and is especially suitable for families, groups of friends, birthdays and other events, from age 6 and up, and contains a group of up to 20 participants. To book a workshop call two days in advance as the desserts require a process of early cooling. A unique and enjoyable experience with promising results. The cost of the workshop is 80-95 NIS per participant.

For reservations: Orit Avivi - 052-8310964.

Stargazing Tours in the Beautiful Winter Desert Sky with Alon Goldstein from Ein Yahav

Alon Goldstein from Ein Yahav, invites to tutorials on the celestial bodies in the desert-strewn sky - and exposes hikers and visitors in the Arava to the world of astronomy. The "Stars in the Arava" project holds experiential star observations for travelers in the Arava, B&B guests and any group that wants to learn about the mysteries of the infinite sky. The observations are suitable for all ages and the price per participant from the age of 6 and up is 80 NIS. A minimum price for a group of less than 10 participants is 800 NIS.

For reservations: 051-2470365.

Theatrical Tours in a Holiday Atmosphere at the Bein Ha'Shitin Farm in Hatzeva

Come to be farmers for one day, get acquainted with the story of the pioneer settlement and experience agricultural work on the Hashitin Farm. Throughout Hanukkah betrween Nov 30th-Dec 6th, there will be three theatrical tours per, at: 9:00, 10:30, 12:30, except Fridays. On Fridays the 'Farm-Cafe' located in the heart of the greenhouse, will be open between the 08:00-14:00. The theatrical tours require advance registration. The cost of a regular tour for a participant from the age of three is 29 NIS and a theatrical tour: 35 NIS.

For details: Michal - 052-2181665.

Date Tours at the Avni Farm in Moshav Ein Yahav

Naama and Yahel Avni, invite you to a tour of the farm and the majhul plantations, which includes an explanation of the growth, challenges and solutions related to date growing. In addition, the tour includes a visit to the "Grotan Garden", the garden of Amnon Navon, Naama's father, a sculptor, agronomist and former farmer, who came to the Arava 60 years ago to Yahav, the first moshav to rise to the ground in the Central Arava region.On the farm, the couple set up food trucks for the sale of dates, where the best dates can be purchased.During the tour, Naama talks about Moshav Ein Yahav, pioneer agriculture and the cultivation of dates.The tour is fun, touching and free of charge.

For coordination: Naama Avni - 052-6170717.

Happy Hanukkah!


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