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  • Talma Gotteiner

Duke Optics: Launching Designer Glasses for 2020

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Duke Optics, the official importer of the most prestigious brands and designers for glasses in Israel embraced the autumnal season by exposing all the new models of sunglasses and vision frames for 2020 in a glamorous launch event at their offices.

A special guest at this event was Patricia Remo, CEO of the GIGI STUDIOS brand, whom I wrote about previously. Erez Cohen owner of Duke Optics presented the additional designer brands during the launch event.

One of the luxury brands presented was DITA. When you see Dita's glasses, you immediately appreciate the quality and elegance. Inspired by generations of classical craftsmen and artisans, Dita's sunglasses and vision frames present a design balancing in perfect harmony of beauty and quality East and West motifs with classic and elegant frames alongside trendy hurricane frames. The Dita frames are made in Japan. Every Dita frame is hand-crafted and uses the highest quality materials - titanium, 18K gold, white gold and Japanese acetate.

The innovative brand MYKITA was also presented at the launch. Mykita has reinvented the spectacle structure using tremendous modern technological innovation, to make it lightweight and flexible, without soldering and screws using a registered patent most reminiscent of the art of Japanese tradition, origami. Mykita is known for its prolific collaborations with well-known designers, such as fashion house Maison Martin Margiela and Helmut Lang. The design signature, superior product quality and tremendous innovation are what make Mykita one of the leading brands in the international optics industry.

Duke Optics: Launching Designer Glasses for 2020
Clockwise from top left: Erez Cohen, Duke Optics CEO, model with Mykita's sunglasses and model with Dita's sunglasses

For those looking to wear glasses named after street-names in Venice, California that convey luxury and style, you'll surely be delighted to enrich the collection with the GARRETT LEIGHT brand that prides itself that the inspiration and soul of its collection coming from historical iconic characters. Seeing the polarized and high-quality glass lenses come from Italy and Japan can help you understand Gareth Leight's vision: creating a handmade luxury eyewear brand that combines quality, service and style. Gareth Leight, also has, among other things, clip-on frames that attach to glasses.

Business owners in the field of optics and fashion lovers were also invited to see the new collection of THOM BROWNE glasses, a super designer who made his mark in the industry as early as 2004. Ever since, he has become synonymous with contemporary design, emphasizing classic proportions and astonishingly precise aesthetics. His spectacular collections are rooted in American culture and draw inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s as expected from the esteemed award-winning New York based designer.

Duke Optics: Launching Designer Glasses for 2020
Clockwise: Gil Shani, artist from Kreuzberg Kinder and Erez Cohen, CEO Duke Optics (top and bottom) and Chloe model

Another private and unique brand presented to the opticians by Duke Optics was KREUZBERG KINDER, inspired by the famous hipster neighborhood in Berlin - Kreuzberg. The young brand's collections feature a wide selection of eyewear in an innovative design that combines the magical touch of the 1950s and 1960s with the powerful urban style of 2020, suitable for fashion enthusiasts with a strong personal statement.

Another launched brand was LGR with its unique style and Italian elegance. The glasses are handmade with African motifs and utilize a combination of different materials in their frames. LGR brings authenticity and high quality in their designs.

Last, but not least I should mention CHLOE - the most feminine Parisian fashion house that combines couture and young spirit with great success. The CHLOE brand represents femininity, modernity, grace and effortlessness as core features that also define the eyewear collection: lightweight frames and spectacular decorations and harmonious contrasts of textures and shades expressed in the brand's iconic over size frames. In the new collection you'll find a mixture of elements like gilded metals, round shapes, retro and over-size.

Duke Optics imports a wide selection of brands. Others include: Yohji Yamamoto, Henry Jullien, Cutler and Gross, Paul Smith, Mr. Lancier, Dita Lancier.

Fashion lovers will be able to purchase all the designer brands at select stores.



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