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Go South: Shavuot 2020 Activites

Hi there,

Route 10, one of the most beautiful roads in the country, along the border with Egypt, will open to civilian traffic in both directions for the three days of Shavuot (Pentecost), Thursday to Saturday, May 28-30 during the day. The road goes from the settlement of Ezuz through Mt. Karkom to the meeting of roads 10 and 12 when arriving in Eilat. The road segment will be open for daytime travel from Thursday to Saturday. Travel on the perimeter fence is prohibited.

Go South: Shavuot 2020 Activities
Route 10, Credit: Gili Hartuv

The trip along the way invites spectacular viewpoints of the Negev Mountains and tourist attractions including the Sabah pit, Ein HaMe'ara, sand surfing, RZR excursions, boutique tasting in the area and more. The culinary attractions in the area are open according to the Ministry of Health guidelines and will provide takeaway meals to travelers.

Eran Doron, Mayor of Ramat Negev Regional Council expressed his satisfaction at the opening of the road and recommended some impressive vantage points: "The road passes through the Horsha Mountain - Kadesh Barnea Mountains branch with an amazing vantage point at Mt. Harif from which you can exit either to Mitzpe Ramon or continue to Mt. Sagi until the connection with Highway 12. This is the time to visit and strengthen our local tourist operators who have been through a difficult period and are prepared to receive you in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines."

Activities that will take place during Shavuot 2020:

A Night Tour with Noam, "The Scorpion Man" - May 28-29 at 20:45

The Mitzpe Ramon and Mt. Negev Tourism office is inviting you to a nightly experience for the whole family accompanied by an experienced guide following the famous night predators. The tour will begin after darkness and will include ultraviolet lanterns with which you will discover the mysterious life of the Negev scorpions. Noam, the guide will fascinate children and parents with scorpion stories including living examples in the field and explain - which scorpions live in the country, if they are dangerous to us, how they live, why they glow in the dark and more. He promises you will come back with amazing photos from a memorable night.

Duration: About an hour. It's a short walk in the area.

Equipment Required: Closed shoes and a standard flashlight.

Departure: 20:45 from The Spice Roads Square in Mitzpe Ramon.

Cost: 40 NIS per person over the age of 3. It is recommended to register and pay in advance to secure a place.

For more details and registration: Noam Shalev - 052-8367732 or Negev Tourism

Evening Milking at Kornmehl Farm

Kornmehl Farm is located on the Wine Route in the enchanting desert landscape of Mt. Negev, on a hill near Road 40 about two kilometers from Tlalim Junction towards Sde Boker, on the northern side of the road. The farm is located opposite terraces that are the remnants of an ancient farm from the Middle Bronze Age (3000 - 4000 years). It is home to about 80 milking goats. The goats are raised under proper dietary conditions that contribute to the quality of milk and their health.

The goat's are milked twice a day in the dairy farm set up by the couple. During Shavuot, you can watch the milking at the farm. Daniel Kornmehl, specializes in cheese making and maintains the traditional cheeses ​​tailored to the local climate along with the development of unique farm cheeses that are personal interpretations of French cheeses. If you are up to the challenge, you will be welcome to experiment with milking and Daniel will answer your and your children's questions.

Before the milking, you will be able to taste the delicious cheeses produced on the farm, including hard cheeses - "Tom", "Edna" and soft cheeses - "Michal", "Hagar", "Ketem" as well as feta cheese and refreshing yogurt.

After about two months of virtual tours only, visitors can return to visit Ben-Gurion's hut at Kibbutz Sde Boker. The site has guided tours where visitors are exposed to Ben-Gurion's life and rare objects he received from various people and leaders in Israel and abroad. The busy bookshelves, the historical figures he admired and the little stories of daily life in the kibbutz - all these and more are presented during a fascinating tour that will enable you to get to know a little more about this little man. Visitors will also be able to play interactive gaming tables dealing with the Negev, the IDF and the youth's role and watch a video about Ben-Gurion's life and leadership.

In addition, the site team continues to conduct virtual tours through the Zoom app.

Open: Sunday to Thursday 8:30-18:00, Fridays and Holiday evenings 8:30-14:00, Saturdays and Holidays 10:00-16:00. Entry up to one and a half hours before closing time.

Entry price: 20 NIS for adults 15 NIS per child (up to age 18)

Price including guided tour: Sun - Fri, 35 NIS for adults 25 NIS per child.

Registration: 08-6560469 and on the English Website

A Recommended Self-Guided Night Trip to the Hawarim Stream

This is a family track, recommended especially for full moon nights. The description has been provided courtesy of the Sde Boker Field School.

It starts with a leisurely descent along a creek whose white walls shine in the light of the full moon. The path leads from flint and chalk in the beginning to the sedimentary Marlstone (in Hebrew "Hawar") rocks that give the river its name.

At the beginning of the route, north of the path, you can enter a large cistern that was hewn inside the rock and used to store rainwater during the Byzantine period (you can descend to the cistern via the hewn steps).

General Information:

Suitable for: Families

Trail Marking Color: Blue

Level of difficulty: Easy

Length of track: about 3 km.

Recommended Season: All Year

Trail Marking Map: 15

Starting point: From the parking lot on the 128th kilometer of Route 40, about 5 minutes south of Ben Gurion Midrash. You can see a brown sign on the east side of the road.

End point: The Serpentine car park, beneath Ben Gurion's Hut. From Route 40, turn east toward Ben Gurion's Hut. At the entrance turn right and go down the road to the bottom of the Serpentines (at the end of the descent there is car parking).

Track description:

The direction of the general route is East, going downstream. After crossing the flint gate, a red path* southbound splits from the blue path, that takes you through a circular route for those interested.

Just before the path splits, there is a yellow hill that serves as an excellent vantage point on a Zin valley.

The Blue Trail continues from here on one of the tributaries of the Hawarim River.

At the meeting point with the main channel of the stream, a green trail joins the blue trail.

After about half a kilometer the trail ascends to the right of the channel to bypass a small canyon where water collects during the winter months.

It is recommended to hike on full moon nights due to the reflected light from the pale ground found along most of the route.

* The Red Trail Circular Track Option - Departing from the same place, after crossing the flint gate (about 200 m walk), a red path leading south turns into a circular route. The red path connects to the green path. Continue with the green path until you connect with the blue path, which takes you back to the beginning of the route. Also, about a 3 km walk.

Happy Shavuot!


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