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  • Talma Gotteiner

The Dead Sea: Through the Eyes of the Eurovision Contestants

Hi there!

The Tamar Regional Council in cooperation with Barclays, the operator of the new mall at the Dead Sea and the Dead Sea Hotels Association hosted hundreds of guests from the Eurovision delegations and foreign correspondents who came to Israel to cover the competition. I am happy to share with you details of the wonderful locations that were visited so that you can go there too.

Trip Itinerary

  • The newly renovated beach outside the Dead Sea Mall

Additional sites for those who left the resort were:

  • Ein Bokek

  • A Beduin tent in Sodom Square, Moshav Neot HaKikar

Trip Details

The Dead Sea Mall & Beach Our first visit was to a newly renovated private beach that is part of the Dead Sea Mall. The mall itself is a nice air-conditioned attraction in itself with international and Israeli brand stores spread over two floors, restaurants and a spa. In the mall, our guests were welcomed with light refreshments and T-shirts, courtesy of Levi's.

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

After crossing the mall you get to the beach where a wooden deck leads you over the sand to the waterfront. There are deck chairs and two bars serving cold beer, shakes and snacks. On the occasion of our visit a lunch buffet, massage tent and mud booth were also set up on the beach.

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

The reception began with a sing-along of the 1979 Israeli winning Eurovision song "Hallelujah" and after everyone was in good spirits, our guests were invited to enjoy the beach.

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

and they did...

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

Above: A mix of Azerbaijan, Macedonia and more.

and I did too...

Dead Sea EurovisIon Trip May 2019

Above: A mix of Malta, Romania and more.

even when interviewing...

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

Clockwise from Left: Chingis Mustafayev from Azerbaijan, attorney Hagai Adoram from Barclays and Arik Shefter from the Tamar Regional Council

For those who don't know, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth at 430.5 meters below sea level. It is also the saltiest sea on earth and is so concentrated (9.6 times saltier than the ocean) that you float on it. Due to the depth, the UV rays are partially blocked and together with the mineral-rich mud the conditions make it one of the world's best health resorts.

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

When I introduced myself and said the name of my website "Israel-Best-Trips", the common reaction was "This is the best trip!".

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

I'm afraid I stayed with those who remained on the beach. However, I'll just say a few words about the additional sites so that you can consider them when you plan your trip.

Ein Bokek

Ein Bokek is the name of the spring that feeds the Bokek River, which ultimately flows into the Dead Sea.

The Beduin Tent at Sodom Square, Moshav Neot HaKikar

Although you may not have a Beduin tent waiting for you, Moshav Neot HaKikar has a restaurant, accomodation and is where you can schedule a guided tour. The activities include: jeep tours, agricultural tours and tours to the numerous springs in the area due to the geographical location on the African-Syrian rift including Ein Bokek. Dead Sea Tourist Center Phone: 08-9975010

Altogether, we had a great trip!

Dead Sea Eurovision Trip May 2019

Above: With the German team

Good luck to all the contestants and Welcome to Israel!

Best, Talma

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