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  • Talma Gotteiner

The 'Red South' or 'Darom Adom' 2019 Festival Preview: Where to Go

Hi there!

This year the anemones in the South of Israel have bloomed early making this preview tour even better than last. For those who haven't read last year's article, 'Darom' means 'South' and 'Adom' means 'Red'. The Darom Adom festival celebrates the bloom of anemones that take place in the South of Israel during the winter. I'm happy to introduce you to some new participants that will be opening their gates to festival comers this year, but you can read my previous article as well for even more information. WHEN: Over five weekends 31 Jan 2019 - 2 March 2019 Additional details can be found on the OFFICIAL FESTIVAL'S HEBREW WEBSITE.

In general, the festival offers a variety of activities for the whole family ranging from nature tours including actors that greet the children in the central flowering fields, markets and agricultural fairs, Bedouin workshops, the anemone race (Feb 15th, 2019), the Be'eri Mountain Biking Marathon (Feb 8th, 2019), the traditional anemones march held by KKL-JNF (Feb 9th, 2019) and more. The weekends start early with live musical performances termed "South Red LIVE" by the best Israeli artists every Thursday and Friday night throughout festival sites.

Darom Adom Jan 2019

Trip Agenda Options

  • The flour mill "Kemah Haaretz" in Moshav Kochav Michael

  • The anemone field at the Varmulan Parking Lot in Sa'ad Junction

  • A creative workshop at Tutsi's Courtyard in Moshav Maslul

  • Farm 77 in Moshav Tkuma

  • Green Pub in Kibbutz Nir Am

  • Kibbutz Yad Mordechai

The flour mill "Kemah Haaretz", Moshav Kochav Michael

The flour mill 'Kemah Haaretz" is a boutique kosher mill in the South serving both bakeries all over Israel. The flour mill offers a selection of whole wheat and professional flours including gluten-free mixtures made from locally grown wheat that is ground on site and a few imported varieties from the finest flour mills in Europe. The owner Amnon Berezil extends his welcome to you.

Amnon Berezil Kemah Haaretz

Above: Amnon Berezil, CEO

In addition, the flour mill complex has a dedicated space for baking workshops that are offered to professionals as well as the general public. The three main workshops include Challah baking, pastries based on yeast-doughs and sour breads. The flour mill holds company and private events including light meals, a projector, a screen and internet access year-round.

Kemah Haaretz Baking Workshop

Above: Kemah Haaretz team in the workshop section.

During the festival, the flour mill will be opened on Fridays for baking demonstrations, tasting and the sale of baked goods, pastries and Challah from the stone oven every Friday. You will be able to see the flour mill, the grinders and receive an explanation of the special milling process. Also, breads can be ordered in advance.

You are invited to a morning of flavors and aromas at the mill. Entrance is free. Fridays: February 1, 15 and 22 between 9:00-13:00 Phone: 077-7295796 or 08-6442224 Email:

The Anemone Field at the Varmulan Parking Lot in Sa'ad Junction Our beautiful anemone flower photos were taken in this field. This lovely spot includes a deck footpath built by KKL-JNF leading from the parking lot to the observation post. The deck is easily accessible for people with disabilities and leads them deep into the field.

Varmulan Parking Lot in Sa'ad Junction

Above: With Talila Livshitz, Community Coordinator and Forest in the Southern Region of KKL-JNF.

My friend Lior Aboulafia from the Hebrew website 'Kinderland - Israel's Kids Attractions' brought an anemone hat costume and we all had fun taking photos in turn.

Varmulan Parking Lot in Sa'ad Junction

A Creative Workshop at Tutsi's Courtyard in Moshav Maslul A very sweet couple live in Moshav Maslul. Tutsi (she'll tell you how she got her nickname), a dance teacher and choreographer and her partner Daniel Moreno a carpenter and chef have opened a very unique workshop and gallery. The two of them specialize in working with recycled wood, renovating old furniture and custom-made furniture.

Tutsi's Courtyard, Moshav Maslul

During the festival you are invited to one of their workshops. I partook in the one entitled "Talking signs" in which you can create a wooden sign to take home. Another workshop called "Everything hangs on it" allows you to create hangars or racks for various needs. A third workshop entitled "A story in a box" allows you to build your own windowbox of spices. Lastly, during the festival there will be workshops for the renovation and painting of "Shabby Chic" furniture. The workshops are designed for both parents and children, enabling a family experience full of enjoyment and creativity.

Tutsi's Courtyard, Moshav Maslul

Aside from the workshop, their blooming courtyard contains a colorful gallery filled with their handmade furniture and other vintage items. There is also a coffee stand with additional refreshments for sale in case you're hungry. Open: Tuesdays & Fridays 10:00 - 14:00, Saturday 9:00-17:00 Phone: 077-7295878

Farm 77 in Moshav Tkuma Farm 77 will be celebrating the strawberry season during the festival and offers a full morning of activity consisting of self-picking of hanging strawberries, a tractor tour, an educational tour of the hothouses with agricultural explanations. The farm grows pineapples, avocado and other fruits that they tell you about. Tickets can be purchased on the Hebrew Website.

Farm 77, Moshav Tkuma

Green Pub in Kibbutz Nir Am

Green Pub is a restaurant-bar where some of the music performances will take place. Its location is such that you can even plan to stopover for a late meal on the way back home for a last bit of fun. Located in a unique green environment it offers dishes for the whole family and a rich bar. Open: Tuesday-Friday from 19:00, Saturday from 12:00. Phone: 077-7295734

Green Pub, Kibbutz Nir Am

Above: Itay Mevorach, one of the owners of Green Pub

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai I've written a full article on the activities at Yad Mordechai, which you can read here. The festival activities include the bee and honey house with a demonstration from a beekeeper, honey tasting, a candle craft from beeswax and a honey cake workshop. Also available are the tractor tour and a guided activity at the 1948 battlefield where the children will be able climb real tanks, sit inside armored vehicles, watch authentic weapons from the time, sneak through the communication channels, etc.

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, Honey Cake Workshop

After the activities, the visitors will be able to drive to the anemone field in the Karmia reserve near the kibbutz. The activity is suitable for the whole family. Duration of the full program - about 3 hours. Recommended from age 3. Every Friday at 12:00 and Saturday 09:00-16:00 Phone: 077-7295701

Food This post is all inclusive.

Accomodation You are welcome to view my 'Best B&B' page or on the Festival's website.

My Timeline The drive from Tel-Aviv takes about an hour. I spent a day.

This is what it looks like on the map:

Red South, Darom Adom 2019 Trip Map

The musicians this year will include Rita; Shlomi Shaban, Asaf Amdursky and Yael Kraus in their performance "Singing the High Windows"; Hadag Nahash will host "Tuna"; Shuli Rand; Maor Edri; "Slightly different"; David and Jonathan - David Broza and Jonathan Geffen; Tipex and more. It is recommended to arrive on Thursday and make a long weekend of it, in order to benefit from all the events.

Enjoy the festival.

Best, Talma

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